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The EIR - beginning to end (merged)

Glad to see I’m in the top ten of something. Probably 50% of them are on EuroGA. :)

It’s certainly been more than that, but I doubt we’re more than 50.


50 is actually not bad. It is probably similar to the historical take-up of the JAA IR by private pilots, in any given year. The UK was running at something like 10-20 per year, with a bump around 2008 when some did it as a group.

If I had the EIR now I would look at converting it to the full IR. What are the options?

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Obvious route is to accrue 15 hours experience to go with your 15 hours training and take it to a CBIR ATO for 10 hours flight training and a full IR skills test. No additional theory needed.

EIMH, Ireland

I will keep my Enroute IR and automatically transfer to the Basic IR with the enroute module. My goal is the full instrument rating, but I need 50h IFR PIC to apply for the IR skill test (coming from FAA IR → Enroute IR → IR).
If I hadn’t that route from the FAA IR, I would probably just go for the Basic IR (and accept the higher approach minima) and wait for EASA to come to their senses by deleting the traditional IR and removing the limitations of the Basic IR. Edit: Don’t get me wrong. I think the BIR is a great achievement and it’s awesome to have this option. I just think the IR mess should get consolidated in one single instrument rating that is based on common sense.

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For German speakers, a good summary on the BIR and all the future upgrade paths (also coming from the EIR) was in Pilot & Flugzeug magazine, April issue.

Mainz (EDFZ), Germany
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