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The EIR - beginning to end (merged)

IFR runs on the back of airline traffic which has obvious and powerful forces driving it.

The same forces will always keep the entry barriers relatively high.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

What exactly are you referring to?


So how do I go about getting an EIR to complement my IR(R)?

Which organisations are offering it, and what is the deal in terms of TK, training and testing required? What’s the rough outlay in time and money?


Graham a couple of UK ATOs can provide the flight training. Pro Pilot is in the process of providing distance learning, but there will still be a mandatory class room component. Minimum 80 hours, of which 10-15 hours class room based. This is the same as for the CB IR.

The flight training is fifteen hours and I don’t believe you get credit for previous IMC, although five hours of the training can be outside the ATO.

The aircraft needs to be .833 khz, BRNAV, as by definition you are in controlled airspace.

A CAA examiner would carry out the initial test, and the ATO has to agree you are ready to test.

Oxford (EGTK) can offer the distance learning and pro pilot seems to be almost there.
Anybody looked into any of these?

ekbr ekbi, Denmark

Is there a TK exam as well as the mandatory study time?

From what Robert says it sounds like I may as well go the CBM-IR route instead.


The EIR requires:

  • The CB IR TK exams
  • 15 hours of training, of which 10 must be in an ATO

The CB IR requires:

  • The CB IR TK exams
  • 40 hours sole reference time, of which
    • 25 hours of training, of which 10 must be in an ATO and some amount can be credited from your IMCr training
    • The rest can be as PIC

The “some amount” from your IMCr depends a bit on your training:

  • The minimum time to complete an IMCr is 15 hours, but not all of that need be sole ref – so you may have a couple of hours less
  • If your IMCr training was not done by an IR holder, a maximum of 15 hours can be credited

On that basis the full CB IR makes more sense for an IMCr holder – if everything lines up perfectly the requirements can actually be the same.

However … not every IMCr holder will get to IR test standard in 10 hours – but they should get to the EIR standard in far fewer hours. Also, the list above is simplified a bit and real care is needed in counting up the hours. Even the current CAA application form gets it wrong…

I suggest talking to one of the schools – Rate One Aviation or Booker/High Wycombe. They can look at your hours and tell you how much you need as a minimum – and with an assessment flight can probably tell you how much time you will really need.


I can’t see why anyone who is that close to a full IR would go EIR.

EGTK Oxford

So how many exams for the CBM-IR TK then? And what is the content?

Appreciate this may have been covered ad nauseum over the last few months but I’ve been away from flying for a short time and am only just waking up to what these developments mean to me.

I must say it sounds like a tremendous achievement. Congratulations to those at PPL/IR who made it happen.


Don’t treat as gospel, but subjects covered include: Air Law and Flight Ops/Comms; Met; IFR Flight Planning; Radio Navigation and Avionics; Instruments; Systems; and Human Performance.

Oxford (EGTK)
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