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Technical landing in Poland (or anywhere else actually)

Does anybody know if Poland allows technical landings for refueling considering the current situation? Or will one be automatically quarantined?


You might want to start on the government web page about the coronavirus; also based on the travel subpage, if you can consider yourself a “professional freight and passenger transport drivers performing their duties” you are not subject to quarantine. Also see the part called “Did Poland suspend air connections?” – are you performing business activities?

I would think that if you land at an international airport (which you will have to, borders are closed) you are not actually entering Poland, so carry on. But common sense is in short supply here, lately even more so. Some airports have surcharges if you buy “small” quantities of fuel (<1000l).

Also see NOTAM C0332/20 and C0484/20 (not sure it will help any, though).

If you have a particular airport in mind, call them and ask, or if they pretend to not speak English, PM me.

EPKP - Kraków, Poland

Check NOTAMS, it does not seem “technical landings” are explicitly allowed

ESSEX, United Kingdom

Deleting previous info. Don’t want to give false advice. Best to contact a handler at the airport you plan to land at.

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Most airports allow fuel stops at present. The problem with these things is if the wx is not good enough to fly on. I have just heard of one case (not Poland) where there was a huge hassle due to wx and the airport had to arrange security etc for the crew to sleep airside. If you can sleep on the sofa in the bizjet lounge and eat their biscuits and coffee, that’s not so bad, but that is not likely to be airside

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Ibra wrote:

it does not seem “technical landings” are explicitly allowed

Aren’t technical stops explicitly allowed as the 2nd ICAO Freedom of the Air and as such would have to be explicitly forbidden in a NOTAM? Not saying this is the case, as nothing is certain in these interesting times, but I’d still call the airport of choice.

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EPKP - Kraków, Poland

Thanks for the info.

Technical stops are 2nd ICAO Freedom of the Air but that assumes common sense prevails

I have contacted a local handler and they will investigate and let me know. They speak great English.


tmo wrote:

Aren’t technical stops explicitly allowed as the 2nd ICAO Freedom of the Air and as such would have to be explicitly forbidden in a NOTAM?

I was thinking the other way around: the NOTAMs in many countries seems to explicitly forbid “air travel” except for “technical stops”, also airside “ICAO technical stops” don’t mean much for GA, we always get asked to go to the terminals and cross the borders

In this case you only need fuel (no customs or immigration) one can always get away with it, the worst case you will be told to fly away (there is a news story of a UK Bizjet that was sent back in south of France but they decided to go elsewhere), the scenario Peter mentioned of getting stuck because of weather or technical reasons, doubt there are many hotels near terminal are open (so food & tent to be self-sufficient only avgas & weather)

I am following Spanish/French Notams on same topic for trip planned in Aug, we don’t have 84 days holidays

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ESSEX, United Kingdom

Yeah, my Summit plans went south too, so perhaps the EuroGA fly-in will happen…

EPKP - Kraków, Poland

Local flying is the name of the game now but thing are getting better May 10nm, June 100nm, July Peter can fly to LFAT and do 500nm, Sep EuroGA 1000nm fly-in, Oct you go USA for the summit with 10000nm range !

No need for 100000nm

ESSEX, United Kingdom
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