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Trip in 3 weeks, Germany ideas for airfields

Hi all,

In the next 3 weeks our flying club are doing our annual trip, Scotland, across to Norway, the last part of the route includes dropping down from Sweden into Germany.

We plan on using the airfield called Rugen (unless anyone else has a better idea) on the North Eastern part to then work our way across Germany, then into Rotterdam.

I am after a few airfields along that route from the North Eastern part of Germany, to stop about half way for the night (without heading to far South), to then continue the next day with maybe one more stop in Germany on the western side before flying direct across to Rotterdam.

Does anyone have any ideas one for a good night stop as above on the route, with then another airfield on the western side before flying across to Rotterdam? This could include landing fees etc? Do the larger airports do mandatory handling?

Thanks very much


What are your requirements?

Fuel? Presumably, yes, but which? 100LL? MoGas? JetA1? Do you require IFR?

You might be interested to take a look at Damme EDWC, they have a restaurant on the field AND some cottages for rent. Without ever having been there, I heard good comments about this place on the grapevine.

PS not sure if Rotterdam is THAT attractive, wouldn’t Antwerpen EBAW make a good alternative? Less expensive, closer to the city…

EBZH Kiewit, Belgium

I was born, grew up and learned to fly in Lübeck (EDHL). An old historic city, unfortunately in big parts destroyed during the war, so today a mix of old and new. Still very much worth it for an overnight. The airport is in a big crisis and – in the worst case – will close mid-term. In the meantime, a decent place with good opening times, moderate fees (25€ incl. overnight parking for a 172), good transport links, etc.

There are many more good place in the north of Germany. Depens indeed on what you want.

For one, you might also consider Hamburg (EDDH). Not cheap, but not that expensive either (90€ all in for an overnight).

Sylt (EDXW) is also a little expensive (50 for an overnight), but the most beautiful island in Germany.

Among the smaller (VFR) airfields, you should consider EDXY, EDXO.

In the northwest: EDWB is nice. EDWF has to be the most appreciated small GA airfield in Germany, gets top votes from everyone. EDWX is a beautiful airfield, but not much there. Plus the Frisian Islands, of course.

I would also reconsider Rügen. Certainly a beautiful island, but way too big for a short stopover on a trip. Long drives with the rental carto get anywhere interesting.

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Mainz (EDFZ), Germany

Hi all,

I did write a reply, but for some reason it doesn’t seem to have worked! Many thanks for the ideas so far!

Ideally what we are looking to do is a plan A, ie on a fairly direct route from the north east where I mentioned above or something along those lines, does anyone know of a better plan of which airfield to pop into south of Sweden?

Basically we have the day to spend flying in Germany and to end up for the night nearish to the Dutch border for the next leg the following day.

I really like the idea of Lubeck, I think that is a good one that we will include.

EDWB looks good and on our route, any ideas of costs for this one? Also EDWF for the night do you think or somewhere more lively, do you know the landing fees?? Somewhere in the north west would be good, but if you think EDWF then that is good enough for me!

Happy to go a bit further south if there is some good flying to be had?

One question in case I did not ask, places like Lubeck, do charge handling fees at all? We want to avoid those but maybe Germany doesn’t go in for that, we just in Spain last year had to avoid all the large airports due to mandatory charges!

In answer to the questions above yes after Avgas 100LL!!

Thanks again all


Finally any ideas for cost of EDXY, EDXO??

Thanks again

I do also know Lübeck very well since I have lived in this nice city for ten years and got my glider education at Blankensee. But you should know that AVGAS ist expensive at EDHL. Handling is not mandatory, landing fees are quite reasonable but not cheap. Coming from Sweden I would prefer Barth EDBH much more than Rügen. From this fine airport with landing fees around 10 E. you can reach the nice nearby City by bycicle as well as in a 45 minute walk. Also AVGAS is less expensive than EDHL.

Berlin, Germany


will give you a reply later in the evening.

Mainz (EDFZ), Germany

First re “handling fees”: it really doesn’t matter. “Handling” is not a well defined term. What some would call “handling” would definitely be called “non-handling” by others. Some have high landing fees, but no handling fee. Others may have a very low landing fee, but a nasty handling fee.

All that really is of any interest is the total of the fees for say one landing and one overnight.

Generally speaking, Germany is a country of relatively low airport fees. All the smaller GA airfields I mentioned previously (including EDXY, EDXO, EDWF, EDWB…) will cost something like (or less than) 20€ for a landing an one night’s parking. It’s simply no big deal. Even controlled regional airports with IFR procdures very rarely cost more than 50 Euros for an overnight.

Fuel is on average 2,60€ in Germany (some a bit more, some a bit less). EDXH is an exception, due to its duty-free status.
Denmark is only marginally cheaper. The Netherlands are more expensive.

By thre way, it’s not true that Lubeck is particularly expensive for 100LL; it is right on the average (2,60). It used to be very expensive until the end of last year, the fuel station being operated so far by Esso/Exxon (bandits). It’s BP now. Esso is now almost totally gone in Germany. The only one remaining in the north is Bremen (EDDW); don’t refuel there!

By the way, it you want to save on fuel, Germany has lots of mogas from proper fuel pumps. You might want to take advantage of that if you fly low compression stuff. See here.

Re EDWF: the small city of Leer with its harbour is pleasant for one overnight. Papenburg is OK, too.
The same is true for Bremerhaven.

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Mainz (EDFZ), Germany

Thanks very much to all for your replies.

I have sorted out a route in some form so things are going in the right direction!!

One question, does anyone know a good place for VFR approach plates for Germany?



Consider Bremerhaven, while the airport is still there. Very pleasant, close to town (a long walk by the ocean, if you want). Also several excellent museums in town. A good jumping off point to Helgoland, if you’re so inclined.

Home runway, in central Ontario, Canada
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