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Scotland trip and must see airfields/places

I could not agree more.

A private strip solves this, but you need one at the other end also, and to create one needs a lot more money than most pilots can throw at it.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

As do most people, I urge Glenforsa. Be aware of making plans in Scotland in the spring, even if you are instrument qualified. Some of my experiences here:

strip near EGGW

Scotland has funny wx. In 2017 I flew there (Oban) in April and it was CAVOK and really warm. Then I went there again in June and the wx was dreadful and not what had been forecast. Having an IR was of little help, given that the video I did of the flight showed a flash at the same time as a crack in the headset

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
Glenforsa on the pipeline, thanks for sharing the experience, given isolated isles, low endurance and cold water it has to be VFR ;)
EGSX, United Kingdom

If it wasn’t for the even sillier CTA GAR nonsense, I suppose I could also manage Glenswinton or Kirkbride or Castle Kennedy…

@alioth, strictly, intra CTA flights do not require a GAR, merely “notice” from the captain to a constable, the form and content of which notice are not prescribed.

The UK’s Terrorism Act 2000 (and the IoM’s Anti Terrorism and Crime Act 2003) prescribe a minimum prior notice period (12 hours) for private intra CTA flights, but no maximum period and there is no obligation (other than common courtesy) for us to notify the cancellation of an intended flight. The law therefore provides for us to give notice of intended flight(s) on, say, every Friday afternoon from now until the second coming of our Lord…

Incidentally, we are law-abiding folk so we like to help our public servants to keep tabs on us, but I wonder whether anyone has ever been prosecuted for failing to give such notice.

I also wonder whether, for the purpose of paragraph 10.(1) of Schedule 7 to the Anti Terrorism and Crime Act 2003, and of the corresponding UK statute, a tidal sand bar in the Nith estuary, is “part of the British Isles”…

Glenswinton, SW Scotland, United Kingdom

Jacko wrote:

strictly, intra CTA flights do not require a GAR

This only applies to if PoB are CTA nationals?

For other cases, I guess you will have to fill a GAR within CTA if PoB are EU/EEA/Swiss nationals (excluding CTA) even if they are except under “free movement” and for non-EU/EEA/Swiss nationals you need some sort of “immigration”, at least that is what I was told visiting CIs…

I was planing a detour in my outbound trip to IoM, but we drop it due to “its planing complications” (but may give it a go in Easter under “new arrangements” after March 31st, we are 4 pob and we can show bunch of passports: 2*UK, 2*France, 1*Swiss, 1*Chinese, 1*Moroccan )

EGSX, United Kingdom

No. It’s all in Schedule 7 to the Terrorism Act 2000 and its Manx counterpart (whose paragraph numbers differ).

The requirement in paragraph 12 for the captain to give prior notice of an intra CTA flight to or from a non-designated airport is quite separate from the requirement in paragraph 17 for the agents or operator of an aircraft to provide passenger information for any A to B flight as soon as reasonably practicable after receiving a request in writing. No request in writing, no need to provide pax info – although there’s nothing to stop a pilot-operator anticipating a paragraph 17 request on a voluntary basis by filling in and submitting a GAR for every A to B flight.

Last Edited by Jacko at 16 Mar 00:08
Glenswinton, SW Scotland, United Kingdom

Kirkwall in the Orkneys is a spectacular location.

I have never been to Plockton but seen some reports and it looks great. I am going there one day.

Darley Moor, Gamston (UK)

Dornoch north of Inverness seems nice, close to town and to the beach, and offers the cheapest Avgas around according to SD.

Kirkwall would be nice but for another day preferably a solo flight, by the time one gets there it is hard to resist why not Faroe? Norway? Iceland?

I may have a look at Dornoch (700m is bit tight) but another airstrip Easter (900m) is not that far

EGSX, United Kingdom
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