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GA airport in Slovenia with easy access to the ramp

It may sound like a Barry Seal quote but it is not!

I’m starting to deploy tiny apiaries on local airports (my beekeeping habit is turning into an addiction, much as the flying hobby) and my favorite bee is Apis mellifera carnica – the Carniolan bee, originally from Slovenia.

I’m thinking of importing 30 to 60 swarms directly from Slovenia by air. It requires a bit of paperwork (but not much actually) and the tricky part is going to be loading the bees fast and efficiently into the plane (30 at a time).

Would anyone know a friendly GA airfield in Slovenia where access by car/pickup to the ramp is allowed? Then I could start contacting beekeepers with swarms for sale in the vicinity. I found one near Ljubljana but from Google Earth it doesn’t look like a very GA-friendly place (I might be wrong!).

Many thanks in advance,



I’m sure even the bigger airports (LJU, MBX) would be all over this if they could exploit it for „green publicity“. I see the headlines on CNN already… Bees airlifted ;)

Do you need customs/immigration? Portoroz is one of the best GA airports in Europe.

Indiv. CBIR Instruction

No I don’t need customs or immigration. Yes the airports are all over the green publicity (and I don’t have a problem leveraging that, especially to help beekeeping) but that’s until I show up in the beater pickup with 1M bees :)

Many thanks for the suggestion, I’m checking out Portoroz right now

The easiest and closest to Ljubljana is Lesce Bled LJBL, friendly, easy access to ramp 1130 m of asphalt runway.

LDZA LDVA, Croatia

Thanks Emir, sounds perfect. Now let’s see if google translate is advanced enough to get me through a negotiation :)

English works too :)

Indiv. CBIR Instruction

In to addition to LJBL which seems to be best option, Celje (LJCE) and PTUJ (LJPT) have 1000m+ grass runway with easy access for a car.


Thanks everyone, this is very helpful. Now I need to figure out if I can find swarms with the proper paperwork and at a decent price. It would be fun to carry bees around – I’ll report back if it ever happens!

Postumia LJPO ( grass ) ??

Pegaso airstrip, Italy

I have a distant cousin who keeps bees south of Ljubljana… I’ll let you know if I find more info.

Just googled Barry Seal and now watching American Made

EGHP-LFQF-KCLW, United Kingdom
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