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A Photo Report - Scottish Hebrides

This is a photo report of a trip I did from Weston EIWT (near Dublin) to the Scottish Hebrides at the end of October.

Preflight at Weston

Hope I won't need their help today!

Maynooth VRP.

The only traffic I saw on this trip

Navigation by PocketFMS (Win CE and iPad)

Taking it easy VFR on top.

Coasting out at Northern Ireland

Rathlin Island

Coasting in at Islay

Oban town

Oban Airport

Glenforsa which unfortunately wasn't open due to an accident MANY weeks earlier.


Coll Airport


Final Colonsay

A fast pace of life on Colonsay

Parked up at Colonsay

Weston - EIWT. Home again.

A beautiful finish to a great days flyin.

EIWT Weston

Beautiful! According to the pictures, you where quite lucky with the weather. How many days did your trip take? Did you have to fly long stretches over water? Did you took emergency gear with you, like a life raft?

Thanks Lenthamen for the kind comments.

It was a day trip. I wouldn't try Scotland for any longer at that time of the year! Otherwise I figure the changes of getting stuck for a few days longer would be quite high. I'm not IR rated. Given the short days there wasn't a lot of time at each airport either, so very much a day of flying.

Of course being only a day trip I got to choose a nice weather day ;)

A fair bit of time was spent over water. I suppose all in all maybe an hour, perhaps 1 & 1/2 hours. But all of it was in fairly short stretches. The longest being Northern Ireland to Islay which was about 12 minutes and done at FL075 if memory serves me corectly. Actually the Oban to Coll would have been longer but with land close by either side on that one.

Having said that, because of the nature of the terrain for a lot of the time that I was over land, the safest option in the event of an engine failure might well have been to ditch adjacent to the shore rather than landing on the terrain! It gets you thinking ;)

Emergency equipment. Both my passenger and I wore life jackets throughtout the trip. We had a life raft and an PLB. I also bring a "ditching bag". Just a small bag with some old blankets, chocolate, water and my handheld radio (which is waterproof to 3 meters). I'm doubtful if it would ever make its way out of the aircraft, but if there is time I want to bring it with me. The extra warmt would help make the whole experience easier, and the handheld radio could be useful in getting help, or at least keeping the spirits up knowing that help was on the way and its estimated ETA!

EIWT Weston

Super report, Dublinpilot

If (and this applies to anybody else too obviously) you can knock it into shape with some text describing the flight, we'd be most happy to put it up here under Articles.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Thx, nice views


Lovely. Peter, you can always use my Atlantic report as an article if you like.

EGTK Oxford
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