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Looking for a scenic destination on west coast of Italy - Lucca LIQL?

Heard you briefly on 135.050 this afternoon just as you were leaving controlled airspace and going to Shoreham……..Big Brother ;-)

Oxford and Bidford

I had some “fun” with the French ATC shortlly before reaching Caen… the lady ATCO said that they did not get my full flight plan because of something like me using an RNAV waypoint at the destination (Shoreham!?) and that I should have used a lat/long waypoint. Her English was way too poor (surprisingly common in France where I often can’t even make out the ATIS) and despite me asking her a few times to explain, I could not understand her and gave up. I have never had this issue before, and previous sectors (starting with Bergerac) had no issue. I think she was Nantes, or the one that comes after (Brest?). It wasn’t Paris because I was at only FL090 (started collecting ice at FL100).

What I did get on the leg Shoreham-Bergerac however was that the FP was filed for FL040 and then FL070 and thus OCAS and this meant London Control threw it out. I know about this (the EuroGA router uses FL040 as the default starting level and this is a big issue in the UK) and normally I use the specified-FL option and use say FL100 and then London Control take it as “clearly IFR”, but this time I forgot. So the Shoreham dep. clearance was London Info 124.6 which is of course useless (you may as well just take off in the UK with a listening watch on say Farnborough and call up Brest Info when you can ) but it was moot because soon afterwards one is in France anyway and they are all joined-up.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Trip report is here

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Great! … I loved that!

Oh boy that looks like it was fun

It seems that the Siena airport LIQS is open again but need a PPR 3 hours before


Trying to find some information for a trip to Lucca, I have seen that the airfield if closed all day except Tuesday until 24th June, which is a pity… Other choices are Pisa and Firenze that are known to be GA unfriendly and very high fee.

LFMD, France

No, you are, like many others, misreading the NOTAMx Check exactly what it is says and compare it with the AIP opening times. That gives you the actual opening times.

Mainz (EDFZ), Germany

The notam says: “Mon 0700-1700, Wed-Sun 1500-1700 except April 21 TESTO italiano:
Aeroporto chiuso a tutto il traffico except voli specificatamente autorizzati dal gestore aeroportuale.
English text:
Aerodrome closed to all traffic except flight specifically authorized by AD operator.
The corresponding AIP says that it’s open to VFR for private flight, which I could be pleased to. But last week I filed a FPL to LIQL on sunday evening for landing at 11 Local time the following monday, and the ATC guys phone me 10 minutes before my departure to warn me that airfield is closed as mentioned in the notam, and it was actually what reported the answering machine of the airfield. My very rudimentary italian made me understand the phone message at the contrary of what it was in reality (on sunday evening). So I canceled FPL and flight.
I understood ‘a bit too fast??) that as Private VFR was clearly allowed in the AIP, it wasn’t concerned by the restriction, being authorized in the AIP.
I think it’s badly said but we just need a PPR, something that can’t be done on a sunday in Italy.

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LFMD, France

Once again, please read carefully. The AIP shows the opening times. The NOTAM then adds certain time brackets where, contrary to the AIP, the airport is closed. In other words: the airport is currently open all days, except Mondays and Tuesdays.

Mainz (EDFZ), Germany
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