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Brac LDSB - Car Rental

Heading to Brac (group flyout to Croatia) for 4 nights and need to find a couple of rental cars to hire. can anyone recommend an organisation to rent the cars from?


I was there last September. Head for Supetar (rather than Bol) and there are several car hire places on the seafront, next to the ferry terminal. I don't recall the name we used but we got an old VW Golf, soft top, for not much...

Use Euros, not the local currency.

In the writeup is a contact for a nice apartment too.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Thanks Peter. Due to the size of our group we couldn't get an apartment / villa combination to work for all tastes. We are going to stay at the resort in Bol (underneath the airport almost) which has plenty of rooms, will give the ladies what they need, plus allow us to be close to the airport for the daytrips to Dubrovnik, Montenegro etc.

if we can get rental cars directly at the airport then that would be a bonus.


I've only been to Brac a few times but I never saw anything like car hire at the airport. Especially off-season, like now. The airport is very modern but there isn't much going on there. Bol is a little tourist spot; the "life" is mostly at Supetar. The car hire man will happily drive the car to the airport when you turn up and you drive him back to their shop in Supetar. Google on

car hire Supetar

or similar

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

To answer my own question the following company can provide car rental on Brac, and arrange it such that the cars are available for collection and drop-off at the airport (I'll have to report later on how smoothly that goes):

Adria - Bol Tel: +385 21 635 966 Fax: +385 21 635 988 E-mail:[email protected] Web

I have rented 3 cars through them at €53 each per day.

I'll be at my place in Rogac on Solta between 7th and 17th May so if you're there then give me a wing rock and I'll hoist my G&T in your direction!

Forever learning

Just looked up Solta. It's near Brac.

I plan to pop down to Losinj fairly soon, which is some way "up the road"...

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Solta is neighboring island to Brac but there's no regular transport between those two - you have to rent a boat or to take ferry to Split and ferry to other island.

LDZA LDVA, Croatia
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