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VLOC: NO DATA (GTN 650 + G3X Touch)

I have installed a Garmin G3X Touch and a GTN 650 (via GAD 29). The GPS works properly, also the VOR; only the ILS isn’t displayed on the G3X only: “NO DATA”.
On the GTN 650 I can receive the ILS, but no display on the G3X. To receive the VOR on the GTN and to display it on the G3X is no problem, only to display the ILS.
Has someone an idea to solve this problem?

I would post the same message to


Is the G3X allowed to display the ILS (or LPV for that matter)?

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Why would it not be?

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

The G3X is definitely capable of doing this. The “no data” message is what it displays when it is not receiving the signal. I suggest you double check the wiring and the configuration settings. Garmin experimental support has always been very good whenever I’ve asked them a technical question. You can get them at g3xpert (at) garmin (dot) com.

EGMA / Fowlmere

“There” doesn’t say anything about G3X not doing ILS. Lancair Evolutions certainly seem to be doing ILS / GPS approaches on “non-certified” kit.

In US airspace you need a certified GPS to fly IFR. See here

Of course there are other ways to fly down an ILS… you can do it with an Iphone.

IOW, it’s possible the feature is disabled in the G3X. Something to check out…

I don’t know if we have any avionics people here who install this kit. @wigglyamp might know?

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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