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Strange thread in "Active threads" - "IFD540 - first major bug, and a possible inability to use EGNOS"

The subject thread is listed today (2019.01.09) at about position 16 in the non-anchored threads on page 1 of the Active threads list. It was active back in 2014 when the IFD540 first came onto the market. The entry is flagged in the Active threads list as “new” and shows the latest update as being by tomjnx today at about 12:13. However, going into the thread the last entry is indeed by tomjnx but it was back in 2014. There is no visible entry from today. Anyone seen this behaviour before?

LSZK, Switzerland

Yes; partly it is a bug. If someone posts in a thread and then deletes the post (that was me actually; I put it in another thread on GPS antennae) the activity still shows up elsewhere. Also, unavoidably, anyone who was following that original thread gets the notification.

Quite often people post something and then change their mind and edit the text to contain nothing, and I normally delete such posts when I see them / get around to doing it. But it is too late…

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Ok. Good to know.

LSZK, Switzerland
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