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Which airport in Milan?

Need to visit Milan next weekend. Could anyone recommend which airport shoud I use? (price, fuel) Bresso?


This was done not long ago when @Emir did a trip to Milano.

Look here

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Use serval times Linate. Quite good but expensive… Mail handling company to have a quote.


LFPT Pontoise, LFPB

I always go Bergamo, filing Linate as alternate.

LDZA LDVA, Croatia

I used to fly to Milan on business quite regularly as a passenger on commercial flights. I seem to remember that Linate suffers from a lot of fog.

Bergamo is not Milan! It’s an hour away from Milan by coach and the budget airlines fly there and market it as if it was a suburb of Milan. It’s not. It’s a separate city. I used to land there a lot and hate the lost hour or so each way. Of course, on holiday it’s a different matter and an hour doesn’t matter.

Flying a TB20 out of EGTR
Elstree (EGTR), United Kingdom
Bergamo is not Milan!

It is not further from the city than Malpensa, though – but the latter has better surface transport, at least to the passenger terminals.

I seem to remember that Linate suffers from a lot of fog.

As does most of the Po valley, especially in Lombardy.

EBZH Kiewit, Belgium

Howard wrote:

Bergamo is not Milan!

Charles-de-Gaulle is not Paris either! It is Roissy. Bratislava is not Vienna, but it is for sure a lot less expensive and one hour cheap train ride from Vienna.

It just all depends on what you are willing to pay. Two years ago Linate was 250€ (Universal Aviation) for landing and 3 days parking which is not too bad compared to Greece.

There is a VFR only GA airfield north of Milano called Bresso (LIMB). A PN should be sent to the aeroclub at least 3 hrs prior. Fuel may be available from the aeroclub.


@Aviathor we’re from different home towns. I’m from London. In London we tend to laugh about the fact that following the impact of the budget airlines we have renamed various regional airports within 60 miles of London as London-XXX Airport. The latest I believe is London Oxford Airport, but we also have London Southend of course. (Until recently they were simply Oxford Kidlington Airport, and Southend Airport). Hence my comment about Bergamo.

Someone recently joked about Exeter Airport, which is 200 miles from London, and which has apparently applied for an increase in its controlled airspace…“Soon to be London Exeter Airport no doubt”.

Flying a TB20 out of EGTR
Elstree (EGTR), United Kingdom

That is not only the case in the UK, Howard, so don’t you feel bad. What do you think about Paris-Beauvais, Oslo-Torp, Oslo-Rygge, Stockholm-Västerås…? Copenhagen-Roskilde

And I am sure we can find plenty more. Like Milano-Malpensas



Flying a TB20 out of EGTR
Elstree (EGTR), United Kingdom
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