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Cirrus SR20 Down in North Sea

It appears an SR20 has crashed in the North Sea while enroute from Norwich to Sylt.

They have found the wreckage but not the pilot. No news on if it was a caps pull or not.

Lets hope they find the pilot but water temperatures at this time of year are not hospitable.

Weather was not good and may have been a factor.

EGKB Biggin Hill London


On the news, today at 1400 GMT an SR20 reg. G-ZOGT with 1 POB disapeared from radar in the Northsea. It was on it’s way from Norwich UK to the German island Sylt. Rescue helicopters found the wreckage, divers are searching for the pilot. No mention of CAPS.

Weather was bad in that area with a sigmet for severe icing and freezing rain. Water temp +/- 10 C.

Let us pray for for good news.

SIGMET: EHAA SIGMET 1 VALID 041245/041645 EHDB- EHAA AMSTERDAM FIR SEV ICE (FZRA) FCST WI N5208 E00650 – N5257 E00506 – N5329 E00436 – N5353 E00701 – N5258 E00713 SFC/2500FT STNR INTSF=

Nearby Navy station
METAR: EHKD 041425Z AUTO 12015KT 1100 R21/1100N BR OVC002 02/02 Q0988 AMB 12015KT 2500 BR FEW004 SCT005 BKN006 TEMPO 1500 FEW003 SCT004=
Short range TAF: EHKD 041345Z 0414/0502 11013KT 4000 BR OVC004 TEMPO 0414/0502 1500 -DZRA BR SCT002 BKN003=

Why do people do that … cross the North Sea, January, freezing rain … i will never understand some things (if it was really like that)

Flyer59 wrote:

Why do people do that

You are surprised to see this kind of risk taking? Just look at posts on various aviation boards….the macho factor rules with some…

More from COPA

Blog from Dutch Coast Guard describes the search, including the low visibility weather:


 Meanwhile, from London learned that the plane had one person aboard. The weather on the spot: view 400mtrs, 0.5mrt wave height, wind SSE 2.

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 Visibility is poor. They are now searching for possible victims near the aircraft.

Meanwhile also received from London that one person should sit on the plane

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At around 15:00 got the Coastguard of traffic Schiphol (Flight Information Center) a report that a plane had disappeared from the radar in the North Sea, across from Petten. It involves two people were aboard a light aircraft of the type SR20 and there. It was en route from England towards the German island of Sylt.

The Coastguard alerted immediately the SAR helicopter Kooy the Coast Guard aircraft and rescue of Den Helder Callantsoog, Petten and Egmond. Hunter also went the tug of the fa Noordgat site. The Coast Guard Ship Osprey is underway.

Meanwhile, the plane has been found and lies upside down in the water. There are no victims have been found. The crew of the lifeboats could not ask and there divers. These are now regulated by the Royal Navy and the spot will gaan.Ook is the Safety Noord Holland informed.

Original in Dutch:

I just realized that it was not “only” Freezing Rain – but also SEVERE icing …

Isn’t it depressing that somebody would do that?

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Yes, completely meaningless … Stuff like that should maybe not even show up in accident statistics …. i call that suicide.

Is this really about an SR-20 and not SR-22 with at least full TKS?

Frequent travels around Europe

No, an SR20 without anything. But even with FIKI severe icing can quickly kill you. And over the North Sea at this time no CAPS or anything will save you.

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