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Flying under controlled airspace with limits AGL - Spain in particular


Castellon (LECN) is along the coast towards Barcelona. Don't plan on going there, the field is about to be closed I heared. Near Valencia you may want to go to Requena:

I don't know about the characteristics of your plane and your personal limits, but do have a look at LESU, just to the south of Andorra. You need to hop over the Pyrenees..

Private field, Mallorca, Spain

Italy also has lots of Class A that is defined by x feet AGL. I seem to remember that, technically, GL it is defined as the highest point within 5 miles. My advice is to not to become too obsessed with that.

I thought I should also mention that Italy has a number of areas inside their Class A TMAs where VFR is permitted up to 2500-4000ft. It is an exception to normal Class A rules and a huge relief for keeping above MSA. Consult the AIP.

I use to fly to Ibiza several times a year. Last week I went there two times. A few comments from my side:

  • No VFR restriction at all on LEIB. In fact if you're VFR and MTOW under 2000kg the compulsory handling is given to you by the airport authority at no cost, totally free.

  • Regarding the Class A TMA, be careful, there are so called 'VFR Sectors' inside the TMA with upper limits defined in feet AMSL, not AGL. This is the case in Madrid, Barcelona, and also Palma. The route between LEVC and N LEIB (VLC radial 110º) gets into Palma TMA by a VFR Sector that goes up to 3500' AMSL. That said, is very usual (don't ask me why) that Palma controller instructs you to descend to 1000' if you contact them. Sometimes you're lucky and they even allow you to mantain let's say FL075 and enter Class A. It really helps if you tell LEVC APP your intentions and ask them to coordinate with Palma. Pro tip: If you're flying inbound at 3500' its not unsual at all that Palma APP cannot receive you on the radio...

  • Valencia TMA is Class E and they're very helpful. Usually, you are authorized to whatever FL suits you.

  • In a clear day you will see Ibiza from Valencia coast as soon as you gain some height.

  • If you plan to refuel in LEIB, it could be a good idea to do it at arrival, unless yo are going to have plenty of spare time on departure day. To refuel you have to taxi to the bowser (no truck for AVGAS), make a phone call and wait for a refueler to come. If they're busy with commercial flights or executive jets, be sure that you will be the last in the list. By the way, LEIB has the 'honour' of having the most expensive AVGAS in Spain, at 3€ (just a few cents more than LECN, the next in the list). This price includes all kind of taxes applicable to AVGAS if you're on a private leisure flight. If you can/want to declare the contrary, you'll be relieved of a good percentage of this price.

  • LECN is not only a microlight site. In fact there is little microlight activity. Runway is 800m, not very well maintained asphalt, but ok. It's a very nice site, just in the beach, very welcoming and with AVGAS (not very cheap, thats true, almost 3€ per litre). Landing fees are 7€, compare with around 100€+handling in LEVC... I've been hearing/reading about its 'imminent closing' since 4 o 5 years ago. Today is open.

LECU - Madrid, Spain

Trip Completed!

Just like to thank everyone who offered information and advice, it was incredibly helpful and made the trip that much smoother :)

So 14 hours flying later ... Sleap - La Rochelle - Valencia - Ibiza - Beziers - Cherbourg - Sleap

A fab weeks flying, full report to follow soon.

Flying a Commander 114B
Sleap EGCV Hawarden EGNR
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