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Summer Night Flying

There are quite a few in France such as LFBH, LFRI, LFRB are three I know about off hand.
The French AIP App might be worth downloading from Google Play(its free) and gives VAC and eIAPs etc. If you look at the most convenient and if you need further information give them a ring or send an e-mail.
For many you don’t have to speak French (LFRI) you would have to make an arrangement for the English speaking ATSO to be on duty
Outside ATSO hours, yes French will be necessary most likely
The complimentaire guide to VFR in France (which you pay for) lists all night VFR airports and routes.
@Bosmantico not all PCL airfields are expensive for instance whilst LFBH is a bit on the high side for a French pilot I don’t remember LFRI being too dear


Lille West FIS will say “change to Calais, FR only” at 10pm
Lille (LFQQ) is H24 but there is a big night surcharge from 9pm !
Ostend is H24 but never been there at sunset let alone by night

@Graham it is a special activity, you always need someone at the “tower” in the UK and it will cost you some money as he needs to keep the lights ON for you even for 1 circuit or landing (case of Stapleford/Elstree), also you have to see the face of the boss at work the next day at work where he asks “did you had a party yesterday?”

Last Edited by Ibra at 02 Jul 12:35
ESSEX, United Kingdom

Ibra wrote:

ou always need someone at the “tower” in the UK

Really? What for? I know PCL hasn’t taken off over here, but there’s no reason it can’t that I’m aware of. And what’s the point of PCL if not to avoid the need for an operator on the ground?


No PCL but you can go switch the lights ON/OFF yourself for few circuits

Last Edited by Ibra at 02 Jul 13:18
ESSEX, United Kingdom

PCL is legal in the UK at unlicensed airfields, and always was (but very few people knew it).

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Training at Ostend is possible for a/c less than 2T from 0900LT to 2200LT , except on SUN/HOL. Extra requirement for t&g , is a noise certificate not more than 76dba,
Night rates do apply strictly from 2200LT : expensive! With earlier sunset timings in late summer, an option?

EBOS, Belgium
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