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Would flying these 2 routes VFR be a hassle? EHLE-LFPN and LFPN-EDMA

Feels like a silly question but in my couple years flying in Europe I’ve only flown IFR and the apparent complexity of VFR there puts me off a bit. I’m spoiled since IFR shifts the route planning responsibility to ATC :)

Skydemon seems to be a good VFR companion. Haven’t looked at it in a while but I assume it will be a solid way to get enroute weather forecast, avoid restricted areas, and choose altitudes.

Anything I should look out for?

I ask because I haven’t flown in a while and won’t be doing much more for the time being after these flights as I’ve moved away from Europe for now. Doesn’t seem worth it to get my instrument rating current.

EHLE, Netherlands

Toussus LFPN is slightly hectic for IFR/VFR but all mystery goes away after one visit, just expect the Mooney VFR arrival to be slightly challenging as you need to keep up with their speed restriction (max 100KTS for VFR bellow 1500ft under Paris TMA for 15nm, there was a NOTAM, maybe it’s now in AIP or SUP AIP now?)

Definitely get SkyDemon but worth getting used to it, on VFR arrival, I fly at 2000ft while staying away from 1500ft bit all the way south: call Beauvais, Pentoise, Chevreuse Info with Toussus ATIS, then fly north-east to Sierra at 1300ft, 2min before you switch to tower join base for one of 07/25 runways, there are many noise areas but it’s easy to spot without a moving map, the runway is hard to spot at 900ft agl from 10nm and you need a moving map, on VFR departure, I fly west untill I can climb to 2000ft maybe talking to Chevreuse Info

PS: give StCyr & Chavenay a good distance, they are busy ATC airports with published routes and probably more than 10 VFR traffic every hour between the gap

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Paris/Essex, France, , United Kingdom

Ibra wrote:

max 100KTS for VFR bellow 1500ft under Paris TMA for 15nm

This is exactly why I asked this question. Quite likely I would have missed this :) :) Imagine me on a cruise descent from above plowing through 1500 at like 190kts :)

Thanks for all the advice.

EHLE, Netherlands

Nickmatic wrote:

Imagine me on a cruise descent from above plowing through 1500 at like 190kts :)

Before the NOTAM was introduced, I was pulled over by Chevreuse FIS as I passed over Rambouillet at 180kias in M20J while trying to descend quickly bellow Paris TMA, they asked to slow it down, so I leveled up and get the drag out, in an Encore with today NOTAM, they will shoot you down

Paris/Essex, France, , United Kingdom
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