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Flying UK to Germany - what do I need to worry about

So planning to head to EDDK on Tuesday. Obviously need to do GAR on this end. Have told airport I am coming. Have my pretty noise certificate as well. Any other special notices I need to send anyone?

EGTK Oxford

All you need is your passport and the usual aircraft documents. Have you explicitly checked with them how much it will cost to land there? EDDK's fee scheme seemed a bit tricky last time I checked, and I have never landed there myself (although it may happen on Tuesday or Wednesday, if EDKL is closed). Are you arriving IFR or VFR, by the way?

LKBU (near Prague), Czech Republic

Hi Jason, would you let us know how it goes as I am looking at going to see the Xmas market.

What about EDDN (Nuremburg)? More reasonably priced, fully equipped and arguably the nicest Christmas Market in Germany.

Thanks. Will be IFR and have told them I don't need handling.

EGTK Oxford

I can recommend EDDN, the mother of all Christmas markets. Been to EDDK a few times and you have to double check the fees. I have 3 invoices with different fees.

EGBE - Coventry, United Kingdom

I am going for work so as nice as the EDDN market may be...

EGTK Oxford


When going to Cologne-Bonn, allow for up to 15 minutes for the transit from the parking position to the GAT. It is quite some distance to travel and if the handlers are busy, you have to wait your turn. Walking is no longer permitted or even possible since the terminal was relocated. There are two handling agents (maybe more, but we only use those two), BACC and CAS. BACC owns the teminal and has very nice facilities for crew and passengers, CAS lives in some kind of portacabin and has rather basic facilities (but there is a small crew lounge and internet/flight planning station), but is cheaper. Both have very competent and helpful staff. AFAIK, handling is mandatory, but maybe that only applies to our commercial operation.

Also, they have lots of runways and not much traffic, so (wind permitting) on first contact asking for the runway with either the shortest approach or shortest/easiest taxi can save a lot of time (thoroughly familiarise yourself with the Jeppesen 10-9 pages early if this is your first visit!).

Happy landings max

EDDS - Stuttgart

Thanks. Going to BACC and handling not mandatory - for a private flight sub 2T apparently. Will review it all tonight but I gather the shorter 32L/14R is preferred for the GA terminal.

EGTK Oxford

If you are heading IFR to one of the major german airports (like EDDK), remember that you need an airport slot (which is not the same as PPRing or pre-advising the handling-agent*), and then enter the obtained number into field 18 of your flightplan. Are you aware?

*sometimes, the handling agent may sort this out for you but don't count on it.

Mainz (EDFZ), Germany
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