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Airport for visiting flying legends


as the weather forecast seem to be quite stable, the possibility to fly for the flying legends airshow on the 11 July, comes to a realistic option.

As Duxford is too busy and might anyway have no slots anymore, Cambridge is most probably also very busy and hotels are well booked, Shoreham (due to Peter) and Southend came to my mind. When checking Shoreham closer I came to the conclusion it is too far to do Duxford by car on the day of the event, and, as I plan to leave in the morning on Sunday direction home, hotel in London is also not the best solution.
Southend on the other hand is doable by train 2h30 and car (traffic jams this day?) and has still some good prices for some hotels. (unfortunately not the once at the beach).
Do you have any other options in mind, should have concrete (only for me, aircraft does not mind) and if no train station/hotel close to it rental car available. And the Airport part should not cost more then the flight from Switzerland.

Thanks for any inputs

I would do Southend, if you want a “proper” airport.

Shoreham to Duxford is about 2-2.5hrs’ drive and the train options (via a change in London) are horrible.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Cambridge is closest, but you could go via Coventry and get a rental car. Enterprise will deliver to Anson house and driving via A14 is about 1:45 to 2 hrs.

EGBE - Coventry

Why are people always looking for these big (and far away) airports? Go to Fowlmere (EGMA). You can camp there and it’s almost walkable from there to Duxford.

That said, they also offer a shuttle service during the airshows.

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Frankfurt (EDFZ, EDFE), Germany

Fowlmere is grass. He wanted concrete.

EGBE - Coventry

One can’t always have it all.

Frankfurt (EDFZ, EDFE), Germany

Stansted? Not cheap, but all services available and close to Duxford.

There are shuttles from Cambridge rail adoration which is not far from the airport.

Alternatively, North Weald has concrete and you can then shoot up the M11, or Denham or Elstree with hard runways.

All three are on the north side of London and easy to drive to Duxford so less than an hour or 1.15 hours from Denham. Rental can no doubt be arranged.

EGLM (White Waltham)

North Weald looks quite promising, short drive to Duxford and seem to be an interesting airport.

I’m checking if they have rental cars deliverd to the field….
Did anyone walk once from Whittlesford Parkway Train station to Duxford airfield, look well doable according google maps. My preferd transport to the show would be by train, as usually in Switzerland this shows are accompanied by traffic jams. And from Harlow there would be a Train connection to Whittlesford Parkway.

So we met up again and the route is defined.

It will be via EDDR, LFAT to EGSX, return wie LFQQ, EDSB back home. So lets cross fingers weather keeps similar no now (at least here but preferably a bit lower on the temp side)

It will be our first channel crossing and first longer flight in France and first UK flying.

I read the Pilots briefing for EGSX already and it should be doable, quite unusual for us to fly so low the last couple of miles, but we do not have Airspace A here…

If anyone has some hints about the planned airports or in general, always happy to read it.


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