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Random flying photos thread

Aughrim, Northern Ireland

Kilkeel/Derryogue, Northern Ireland (one is pretending to be a Cub…)

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Andreas IOM

Finding a hole in then flying along a TS line. I’ll proudly admit to being a chicken and having stayed visual almost all the way, although the radar was useful to cut through at one point (when the Golze picture was taken)


Some fun in the Pyrénées last Saturday – the scariest part was to see people scrambling to watch the takeoff as if they were expecting us to hit the trees.

L’île d’Yeu last Sunday – many people on this forum have already praised that destination, it’s a great one indeed!

My old home town, Lübeck.

The sound of Kiel, looking towards the Baltic Sea.

Kiel airport (EDHK).

Frankfurt (EDFZ, EDFE), Germany

wleferrand wrote:

Some fun in the Pyrénées last Saturday

LFIP brings great memories! I lost my rating some years ago, but I may be regaining it. Who was your instructor for the site rating? or are you mountain rated?

LESB, Spain

Antonio wrote:

Who was your instructor for the site rating?

I did it with Didier Gazeau, AFAIK there are only two people who can sign the site instruction. Definitely an underrated destination.

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