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Circular runways?

A follow up on the BBC Website about the original circular runways article

A very telling part of the Article in my mind was as follows

*Henk Hesselink conducts his work from the Netherlands Aerospace Centre and has received funding from the European Commission to research circular runways, leading a consortium of five European research institutes.

Indeed; collaborative projects are much more likely to get EU funding, due to collaboration being politically correct. It’s a well worn road. It’s the same with development conferences; they are held in 3rd World countries, in very posh hotels from which the delegates never need to come out

Shoreham EGKA

Peter, I think that this would be an excellent idea….and when it doesn’t work it could be reopened as a motor racing track…Weybridge, Surrey would be a good location for it?

Let’s do a EuroGA proposal for it. We’ve lots of cross European Expertise here.

We could get approval for millions of funding. Then we’d need a big flying (all expenses paid from the funding) to meet up and discuss the proposal. Then we’d need another flyin to do some actual testing. Then another flyin to review the results and create a report. Then another flyin to approve the final report (which calls for further study) .

All travel expenses would be paid from the funding, on receipt of a completed flight plan.

EIWT Weston

Yes, we could look into a Private Sector Finance agreement, con the UK Government into giving us the M25 Motorway. After a few pesky bridges have been demolished we will then……………

(a) solve runway capacity problems around London
(b) cause traffic chaos which will be so bad it will spark a new boom in GA
(c) Peter’s electronics company can build the ILS which moves on rails a bit like a Greyhound track.

South Mimms Services and Road Chef Clacket Lane will be re-named the “Millibar Cafe” and “The Aviator Restaurants” – after which they will only serve Breakfasts and instant coffee!!

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