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Garmin 430 / 530 Software Upgrade

It seems that the data cards supplied new by Garmin these days, will only work if the unit is running software version 3.30 or later.

Can this upgrade be done by an avionics shop or does the unit need to be sent away?

Any idea on cost?

I was told last month that my GNS530W had to be sent from the UK to the USA for its firmware to be upgraded (so that it could then communicate with a GTX345 transponder) because Garmin were fed up with UK dealers accidentally turning the clever GNS devices into expensive paperweights by screwing up the firmware upgrade and ‘bricking’ the devices. Others on EuroGA have said that what I was told was not correct, and that upgrades in can still be done in the UK with a simple insert-card-and-press-some-buttons operation, by a certified Garmin dealer…but my maintenance people could find no such UK dealer. So my 530W recently had a trip to the US and came back with new firmware installed and now shows GTX345 traffic. I haven’t seen the bill yet…. I’m sitting down as I type this.

Flying a TB20 out of EGTR
Elstree (EGTR), United Kingdom

I upgraded a 430W and 530W in a Baron a couple of weeks ago to enable ADS-B capability. Garmin seemed happy enough to supply the latest software loading cards.

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Fairoaks. EGTF

…and apparently my people tried to find the wonderful Wigglyamp before resigning themselves to sending my unit to the USA, but he wasn’t around apparently. He was probably busy driving his MGA or building his RV12 at the time. Bloody part-timer! :D

Flying a TB20 out of EGTR
Elstree (EGTR), United Kingdom

He’s actually been working full-time at Fairoaks for the past 6 months but has happily returned to his MGA and RV12 in the past 3 weeks!

Avionics geek.
Fairoaks. EGTF

Are Gama back to doing GA, or are you working freelance?

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

What is the latest number version of software for the 530W

Current software levels for the 530W/430W are Main V5.40 and GPS V.5.00. Garmin STC service bulletin 1766 Rv A refers.

Avionics geek.
Fairoaks. EGTF

Anyone know what the latest software levels for the 430/530 (non-WAAS) are?

Also, anywhere I can see what the different updates brings (right now I have Main SW version 5.01 and GPS version 3.03)?

ESOW, Sweden

Current versions as follows:

Main 5.04 (SB0844 Rev A)
GPS 3.03 (SB0502 Rev A)
Nav 5.02 (SB0628 Rev A)

Main Software Version 5.04 includes the following changes:
1. Prevents COM reception from being affected by the editing of the standby frequency
in 8.33 kHz spacing mode.
2. Ensures that correct glide slope information is displayed on ARINC 429 EFIS
equipment if a failure should occur in an internal glide slope sub-system.

NAV Software Version 5.02 provides optional serial DME interface capability, which was
not available in previous NAV Software Version 5.01.

GPS V3.03 improves the GPS software loading process by utilizing updated erase and programming algorithms.

Avionics geek.
Fairoaks. EGTF
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