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Your 2018 flying year, how many hours, and aspirations for 2019?

The end of 2018 is approaching. Following the tradition I start this thread.

My aspirations for 2018 were to do my instrument rating, CPL and ME/IR. I have achieved this which makes me very happy. I also wanted to fly something else than 172s and 152s. I have flown PA28s and a BE76. I also wanted to fly something with EFIS which did not happen. However, I have tried out retractable gear and constant speed propeller in the twin (BE76) which was a great learning experience.

So far in 2018 I have flown 81 hours + 40 hours FNPT II, which is much better than the 41 hours I had last year.

My aspirations for 2019 is to do the MCC course and maybe get a job flying an avian bus. Maybe also get some EFIS time

Flying down to Venice and possibly Greece is also in the plans.

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For 2019
- managing to do some long exotic trip (I had this objective for 2018, but svalbard got cancelled dut to a loss of power in an engine on the first leg, and greenland due to a started engine that fried on startup for 1st leg).
- get solo in gliding
- do a bit more CRI instructing (only 4h this year)

Noe wrote:

get solo in gliding

Can’t do that on DA40? (just switch the mags off )

@Dimme congrats for the achievements list on my side, I will wait for 2019 end to fill the wall

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ESSEX, United Kingdom

My aspiration was to regain my SEP after letting it lapse due to time constraints.. well, it did not happen but I got my medical ready and will get the check done in january hopefully.

The airplane has done some nice trips, one of which to Sicily and another to St. Stephan Air Base, where I joined as PNF.

Aspiration for 2019 definitly to get my SEP back asap and then to start to regain the IR. And to fly the pax who are waiting for me to be available again to fly.

LSZH, Switzerland

So at the end of last year I wanted to…get better at flying the 525B. Do some more trips. Finally get the tailwheel rating and have something fun to fly low and slow.

Didn’t manage the tailwheel but otherwise a good year.

328 hours (including level D sim time), sim time in a Challenger 601 (horrible aircraft), got Multi Engine ATP, 9 Atlantic crossings (1 of which was Canada to UK direct).

EGTK Oxford

Ibra wrote:

Can’t do that on DA40? (just switch the mags off )

No, there are no mags ;)

I did about 80 hours this year, continuing my PPL training which started last year, and some hours private flights after taking friends and family up.
All of that was in Czech Republic, however, I am moving to the UK next week (as I mentioned in another thread) so I’m looking for a club to join so I can continue turning money into noise. My main aspiration is to get involved in the scene there, get type rated for something more useful than what I have, and probably take IR(R) and Night ratings.
Also on the list of things to do – look for nice ‘getaways’ that make sense to travel to by air, to help convince the wife that it’s really all worthwhile… :)

LKTB->EGBJ, United Kingdom

Coda wrote:

Night ratings.

Since you’re moving next week, it’s probalby too late, but I’d try to get all night hours you can get before moving here. It’s usually not easy to do any here (London area), mostly because the small aiports where clubs / schools are located don’t generally have lights. They also tend to be happy on the cancel-trigger. Some of the night flying also happens during weekdays which for people employed full time in central London is a problem.

I would have failed to do mine in a year, were it not for some hours I managed to get done locally in Tromso (under Auroras)


this year was really nice for me. I have aquired a “new” TB20 and sold my “old” one. I flew this year
- various destination within Hungary
- Poprad
- Friedrichshafen
- Straubing, Vilshofen
- French tour like Budapest-Freidrichhafen- Didier Airport /Loire/ – Cannes – Budapest
- Praha Tour

I flew around 100 hours, + 550-600 hours on the Queen…747-400/-8. Basicaly happy.

Due to a death close encounter few weeks ago due to a stupid IFR practicing pilot, I have decided to install a L3 Lynx XPDR with active traffic, this project starts in the upcoming days. And becase Aspen gives a nice combo with L3, an Aspen display comes into the TB as well..

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Zsolt Szüle
LHTL, Hungary

About 80 hours this year, of which 30 were spent gaining the IR.

IR training – theory and practical – was a largely joyless experience which prompted me to question whether the end result justified the time and monetary expenditure.

Perseverance paid off and I celebrated with a summer Mediterranean trip in the SR20: North Weald – Cannes – Figari – Olbia – Clermont Ferrand – North Weald. A fabulous trip, made so much easier with the IR and ForeFlight – planning down to 10 minutes in most cases.

Plans for next year? More flights with group members, which I really enjoy. Build some SR22 time. Get to grips with FIKI and O2. Visit Saanen (LSGK) in winter. Faroes and Iceland in summer.

EGSX (North Weald), United Kingdom
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