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"Deliberate drone attack" shuts down Gatwick airport

Sure, but you have to shoot the wildlife first. Then you can better identify the toy operator.

United Kingdom

cessnatraveller wrote:

I sincerely hope the “Gatwick drone hunters“ are all wearing their yellow hi vis vests correctly!

has a Beagle...
LOWG Graz Austria

Xcase wrote:

In Greece with the 8 kilometres prohibition from airports they didn’t achieve much

That’s correct but at least in Greece one cannot fly legally so close to an airport (the Gatwick guy broke the UK law as well). Greek rules are of course too restrictive by themselves.

LGMT (Mytilene, Lesvos, Greece), Greece

Mooney_Driver wrote:

Also 5 years in prison is a laugh looking at what they achieve with this
I would think that compared to the damages the airlines will demand, 5 years will look cheap.

ESKC (Uppsala/Sundbro), Sweden

When we had an aiprox at my club between an aircraft, one guy from Luton airpory ops mentioned that they get reports (2 or 3 a month) of drones being flown in the airspace, it usually get sorted by a quick police patrol and generally a law lesson for the kid without much distuption of the traffic

I think the guys in Gatwick got in that night more than they use to and they want to make a point

ESSEX, United Kingdom

Various reports are pinning it on one person being an eco warrior.

This would appear to be a more effective strategy for greens than cutting through fences and chaining themself to aircraft.

Sure, but this one will get the full 5 years.

He is quite possibly well known in his community.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Off_Field wrote:

Various reports are pinning it on one person being an eco warrior.
That would not be wholly unexpected. Do you have a link?

ESKC (Uppsala/Sundbro), Sweden

Graham wrote:

Get up next to it in a helicopter, open the door and give it both barrels from a 12-bore.

I doubt any sensible heli pilot is going to try and get close to a rogue drone…even if the law were to allow it…

I can see development of counter measures including armed anti- drone attack drones being deployed at airports.

Last Edited by AnthonyQ at 21 Dec 09:51
EGPD / OMDW / YPJT, United Kingdom


Last Edited by huv at 21 Dec 10:10
EKRK, Denmark
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