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National CAA policies around Europe on busting pilots who bust controlled airspace (and danger areas)

CAA have rights of direct prosecution (together with many other public bodies previously mentioned on here.)
Independent review by the CPS would be nice, but it’s not necessary or (I believe) possible at the moment.

They are however required to demonstrate that prosecution is in the public interest. How they demonstrate this for the majority of minor infringements made by MISTAKE I’ve no idea.

Egnm, United Kingdom

If I’m not mistaken, prosecution is not something reserved to the CPS. You, as a private individual, can prosecute someone if you’ve got good lawyers and enough money (private prosecution).

Andreas IOM

“Right of prosecution” is not “right of trial”, not “right to punish”.
PS. Only lawyers qualified in Scottish Law can appear in a Scottish Court.
(I think there is/was an exception for those qualified in some Commonwealth countries. But NOT England.)
I remember an accident in Scotland where the CAA took no action, but the Procurator Fiscal obtained a conviction. (Landing C172 bounced off a car on a private road passing a grass strip.)

EGPE, United Kingdom

I recall the video.

Was the conviction against the driver or the pilot? I would have thought that neither could reasonably have foreseen or avoided the accident.

But we digress………

Egnm, United Kingdom

Pilot was convicted. Mum and kids in Mercedes, C172 mainwheels exactly fit windscreen-to-rearwindow. Popped both out. Plane landed safely.
I suspect rubber seal glass, not bonded to metal as currently done.
Pilot should have seen the car.

EGPE, United Kingdom
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