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Strange TB20 advert EC-ISR / G-BPTI

I found this TB-20 on planecheck:
for 45k EUR.

It says the engine only has 15hours but it is expired. The avionics are not to great other than the Autopilot (looks like a KFC200?) and the IFD440.
What are the chances that the engine is still good? Or do you think it definitely needs an overhaul?


Scam ?

What does “engine calendar overhaul expired” “15 hours since overhaul” mean? One or ten years since overhaul?
Get a look at the logbooks. Shouldn’t be much to scan and email.
What was the total engine hours, and what was replaced at the overhaul.

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EGPE, United Kingdom

There is a strange ad on planecheck for a TB20 at a far too low price

TB20 ad
The picture shows a plane with Spanish registration, but the text mentions G-BPTI.
Acc. to the text, the plane has not been used since March 2019, but G-BPTI can be seen used (or at least its TX code was in the air in UK)

At the same time there is G-BPTI for sale, here – at a more normal price ;-)

large textblocks identical
smells fishy

EDM_, Germany

The strangest thing are the G-BPTI registration in the teyt and the text blogs that are identical to another ad (for a more reasonably prized TB20: G-BPTI)

(Sorry, started a parallel thread in parallel)

EDM_, Germany

A_and_C wrote:

Scam ?

I’ll second that motion!

U206F, J3 Sea, PA32R & others

EC-ISR has no IFD540 in the panel.

Could be a simple scam, but stupidity / illiteracy has never disqualified anyone from owning a plane and a 1984 TB20 is probably worth only 45k anyway. I have seen lots of them and most were extremely tired and long-neglected specimens.

The engine would be assumed buggered, after this period of inactivity.

G-BPTI is not going to fetch that price, by a long way. Look at the condition, the equipment…

Local copies of both ads:


The G-BPTI advert says 15hrs since “zero time overhaul” engine in July 2018. Almost certainly corroded by now.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Actually G-BPTI has been sold:


I downloaded the G-BPTI PDFs which are still on the above website. As previously stated the last service was in mid 2018, so basically they put the overhauled engine in and then more or less abandoned it for over a year.

The story behind this would be interesting. Such a lot of money spent, and then abandoned.

Re EC-ISR which obviously has a bogus description, a google on it shows no pics after 2009, which is itself strange. You can see it under S/N 325 here as of 2004. Then it popped up in Grenada in 2015. No other plane spotter pics showing up. OK; Spain is not packed with plane spotters

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Now that you mention pictures, I was in Granada in spring and just went through my photos and I actually have a photo with the airplane in the background!

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