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TOTAL fuel card for France

Sorry if this is an FAQ, but is it possible to get a Total fuel card without having a French bank account?

I have a BP card which is OK for big airports like Caen and Annecy, but most Maule-friendly French airfields have Total self-service pumps…

TIA, Peter.

Last Edited by Jacko at 12 Apr 13:55
Glenswinton, SW Scotland, United Kingdom

I’m part way through the process as we speak.

You can do it if you have a bank account with one of the UK banks which does SEPA payments (bit like an international direct debit).

Total sent me the UK banks which do this:

United Kingdom
Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Ltd
Citibank NA
HSBC Bank Plc
Lloyds Bank Plc

Fortunately our syndicate is with HSBC. It’s slightly admin heavy process (in true French style ;-)

I’ll keep you updated.

Oxford and Bidford


I tried a couple of years ago without success. If it’s possible now, I’ll try again – and report back…


Glenswinton, SW Scotland, United Kingdom

I wrote a step-by-step guide made for those who don’t speak any French. Unfortunately, that guide is entirely in German. When I’m back tonight, I will still send it to you (you can translate it with google or so).

In short: yes, it works and it is not that hard. But yes, by default, they only accept certain banks. It works with other banks too, but is a little more complicated.

Last Edited by boscomantico at 12 Apr 14:58
Mainz (EDFZ) & Egelsbach (EDFE), Germany

I wrote a step-by-step guide made for those who don’t speak any French. Unfortunately, that guide is entirely in German.

;-) I think that’s very funny!

Where is that guide? I want to try!

Last Edited by Flyer59 at 12 Apr 15:42

Thanks Bosco, French or German is no problem. My Euro account is at Sparkasse Neuss, so hopefully that will work.

ATB, Peter

Glenswinton, SW Scotland, United Kingdom

They replied to my initial enquiry in English, and all the forms were either in English, or French with an accompanying explanation in English.

It’s trivial to get set up.

Here was my welcome e-mail:-

Good morning,

Please find attached the file of request for the Air Total Card AVGAS 100LL.

Thank you for returning us the contract duly completed in 2 original copies, accompanied with the other requested documents in 1 copy.


IT IS NOT REQUIRED TO HAVE A BANK ACCOUNT IN FRANCE. The guarantee can be paid by bank transfer.

You have to supply us a bank account identification or an any certificate of your bank indicating that the bank account belongs to you.

You have to supply us a document from your bank indicating it accepts the SEPA direct debit mandate.

In addition, documents to supply :
Copy of registration mark of the aircraft
Copy of a proof of your address
Copy of your passport or identity card

I received the same email as Steve and have collected all the relevant documents. This morning I’ve just hit the first roadblock. I contacted HSBC asking for the confirmation required by Total that they accept SEPA Direct debits. They do, but the SEPA direct debit needs to be against an account in the currency of the payment. So you can’t pay Total on a SEPA direct debit from a GBP bank account. It would mean setting up a separate HSBC € bank account (which incurs a monthly fee) and then making transfers from GBP account to € account each time you know a payment needs to be made…….not very practical on a syndicate bank account. I’ve put the plan on hold!

Steve how have you managed this?

Oxford and Bidford

I’m with NatWest – it just works. They charge the SEPA DD at the same exchange rate they would if I’d used my debit card in France.

ie., not very competitively ;)

Hmmmmm…..just tackled HSBC on this, won’t change their position.

I think I’ll give Lloyds a call.

Oxford and Bidford
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