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Your 2017 flying year, how many hours, and aspirations for 2018?

Thank you alioth, I didn’t know Jacko’s strip had a website also. 430m is short but doable in a Rocket.

Excuse me… “Jacko’s strip” is marked on the charts (CAA, SD, GP, Jepp, EVFR etc) as Glenswinton international airport and it boasts all possible facilities for airmen – except perhaps those for which people might be willing to pay. :) No, seriously, the aerial photos are several years out of date.

For an airplane touching down between 40-50 knots, 430 m with 3% slope is roughly equivalent to 650 m of flat runway. Except, of course, some precision is required for landing because if we touch 250 m after the threshold, the slope behind us is less useful.

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Glenswinton, SW Scotland, United Kingdom

235 hours on the year, about half in half instructional and pleasure.

Huge hopes for 2018; buy an MET with someone else’s money, get a type rating, build a hangar, do a lot of flying on the two MEPs and the MET. Living the dream.

But there’s always slips twixt cup and lip. The whole thing could disappear as serendipitously as it arose.

Unfortunately, the new dream job puts paid to the planned RTW trip :-(

EGKB Biggin Hill

Timothy wrote:

buy an MET with someone else’s money

Incidently, have you seen this Cheyenne in Adam’s last post? Looks like fairly nicely equipped and quite low priced. Of course it could well be that it’s a dog once you PPI’ it.

LSZH, Switzerland

Timothy, is, thankfully I hope, onboard the Turbo Commander thought train. Much better than an old Cheyenne. Except the 441, of course, as that has Garrets…

2017: 44H30 PIC time. Plus some sim and dual time.

Targets for 2018:
Easy: Finally get the NQ and use it.
Tougher: finish the CB-IR. CS/RG endorsement (technically an easy) icing on the cake.
Goals: Fly to fly-ins. Fly to Europe, the club trips or otherwise. Fly north. Maybe fly other types than P28A. Fly more.

ESMK, Sweden

Last year: 40h exactly. Mostly on DA20, but also 55 min on a C172. Longest trip from EHLE (Lelystad) to LSZF (Birrfeld) in August; back and forth in two days total 8h45m. Still have to do a write-up of this trip. As a theoretical knowledge instructor at our flight school, spend some 80+ hours in classroom and private sessions.

For this year at least the same goals. More ours in the air, one long summer trip (destination Czech Republic), more ours at our flight school and more ours in a DA42. No MEP rating plans, just for fun.

EHLE (Lelystad - NL), Netherlands

Finally posting in this thread in order not to have excuses anymore.

Last year: 50hrs, flew the Cirrus, finally flew a glider again, landed an A319 (in the sim), toured California. Missed the family trips to the sea due to WX.

This year: enroll and finish the E-IR, FI, and,if I find the motivation, the CPL theory knowledge test. Fly a new type of aircraft. Fly in the US. Spend a weekend at the place where everything started and fly a glider. Go to EDXH, Helgoland. Take my family to the sea. I hope to log some 75hrs and 100+ landings.


My overview (should anyone be interested )

Achievements 2017
33h flight time – got my night rating – made some navigation flights (mainly to France) – added DA40 to my plane list

Plans for 2018
Get by EIR – go on week-end by plane – make some night flights – attend a EuroGA flying – finally go to LFAT – have ~30-40 h extra by the end of the year.

Belgium: EBGB (Grimbergen, Brussels) - EBAW (Antwerp) - EBNM (Namur), Belgium

2017 : 48 hours as PIC on our DA40.
2018 : so far, Rallye Toulouse Saint-Louis du Senegal in September.

EBST, Belgium

I am a bit late posting – understandable, as one can see how much I had to work in 2017 and had no time to fly. Also very clear when I did my PPL (2006/7), then studied for the frozen ATPL (2012/13) and then picked up MEP and IR training in 2014/15. It’s like following my life in the last 10 years based on my flying hours only

LSZH, LSZF, Switzerland
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