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How to avoid maintenance surprises?

I bow to your knowledge on this, and, if true, I guess this might be a problem for any composite aircraft requiring a major repair.

My earlier post said that I use RGV for my annuals and, occasionally, Falcon for oil changes. I have yet to need a major composite repair nor have I had any problem in RGV completing any of the six annuals they have done for me.

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I will bow to a&c superior knowledge but I always thing the costly maintenace suprises eg camshaft on a 235. tend to occur on aircraft that dont fly that often.

There is at least one company in the UK that is approved for major composite repair who have fixed all the Cirrus aircraft that have been badly damaged in the UK over the last few years but they are not a Cirrus maintenance centre !

If you do ever get a part of your aircraft damaged talk to Cirrus UK and they will point you in the direction of people who can fix Cirrus parts rather than just replace them.

I see, thank you for the information

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