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Kanardia EFIS and others

Peter wrote:

SD won’t give you this unless you have it clipped up in your primary field of view, and have one of those AHRS boxes (like Ilevil) connected to it, and it is all charged up, etc. You aren’t going to be setting it up when you have lost power, lost the autopilot, etc. Standby instruments need to be panel mounted; anything less is just a toy to sell at Aero Friedrichshafen

That wasn’t what I wrote or meant. EFIS’es has been around for some time now. There’s nothing new under the sun there. A double redundant system is as good as it gets when thinking about robustness. Still, the only valuable information you can get out of an EFIS that you cannot get using whatever else (old steam or miniature “EFIS” of some kind, pure numbers, or putting your finger out the window) is the large AH. But it needs to be large, so it becomes an extension of the real horizon. That is my experience.

The close to perfect system would be the VR helmets on the F-35. But until that happens, the large EFIS screen is the best we can hope for. Anything less is 1950s technological solution.

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