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San Nicolo / Venice (LIPV) meet-up 5-7 Sep 2015? - moved to Portoroz

….. similar experiences in Germany, repeatedly

You are really unlucky, I have never heard about such a behaviour from a german airport.

Well, what I wanted to say is if we take all these experiences too seriously we simply can’t fly anymore. I have learnt to use wherever possible airports with regular customs like Augsburg or Friedrichshafen rather than going to places where customs has to come specifically. It appears that some of those guys resent being disturbed in whatever they are doing by stuipd rich kids with their airplanes…. Possibly the same in San Nicolo or Lido as it’s called now. I’d probably consider landing in Bolzano for lunch (I loved the city last time) and customs and then on to Lido without customs or try my luck. If they want to clean up my airplane, they are welcome to it :)

I should add I have had opposite experiences as well as on one airport in BG where we got a great treatment and the only “delay” customs caused is that they wanted their picture taken with us next to the airplane. Extremely helpful and great people who were happy to help wherever they could. One of them just finished his workday and offered to drive us to the city in his service Lada. Or on one German airport where the customs officer appeared with two cups of coffee.

Generally, I like the idea of Venice and Prague next year, both are feasible and look great. And to finally meet you guys.

LSZH, Switzerland

If you do not want to land on grass you can land at Marco Polo. I landed there this summer. Handling was compulsory but service was beyond excellent and it was sonething like € 120,-.

No Avgas though.

Maybe we can fly in formation to Lido, Urs :-)

Yea, why not Shorrick. You’d have to throttle way back though for me to keep up. Quite a difference between your Ovation any my C-Model. But a Mooney Caravan sounds great. Mind, we should get together at some stage before that, dontcha think?

LSZH, Switzerland

Somebody ought to check there is no film festival etc etc going on in Venice otherwise the place will be even more manic and even more of a tourist ripoff than it normally is. I went there during one such time and one could barely move.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I suggest setting this fly-in to the weekend of 29-31 August 2015.

The following weekend, 5-6 September, would probably be tight for those who want to fly on to Greece.


Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I am also interested because 3/9 I have to be in ljubljana and I was already thinking about a few days in venice. ( if the weather is ok, for alp crossing vfr )


August is the month of holidays in Italy. Not sure if it matters, how many Italians would spend their holidays in Venice? Still I think the September date would be preferable. For myself it matters little, it seems unlikely I’ll be able to attend on either date.

EBZH Kiewit, Belgium

Too bad … but during german school holidays i cannot attend anything. August I’ll travel Japan …

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