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Mental fatigue limiting endurance

I was referring to what one of my pax has said about his perceived comfort in PA28 vs C172, his impression was that sitting on the wing was more comfortable as it looks natural like big aircrafts he got used in CAT while in a high wing aircraft you “seem hanged rather than sitting”

But having a cushion in the seats like the one you show also helps (if you do 10h trips: you may need those “wood bead seat cushion” from the 80’s for your back)

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EGSX, United Kingdom

Jujupilote wrote:

I will try an A20, but I am not sure it is a worthy investment to fly 50hrs/year.

I put on the cheap ANR headsets from the club the other day to taxi from the fuel stand to our parking. I did all my PPL with them, but I would not travel with them anymore. They press hard on the side of the head and are heavy on the top, ANR is marginal. I felt almost ashamed to have borrowed them for my passenger for our 3h30 trip to Corsica. I remember getting tired of those after 2½-ish hours, and chewing through a set of AA batteries in 15h. I can barely feel the Bose (#1 reason I bought it) on my head and batteries go regularly for 40h.
A20/Zulu are that much better. If fatigue is a problem, yes they are a worthy investment for 50h/yr.

Start with an empty bladder but stay hydrated, drink a little but regularly, before you feel thirsty. Don’t abuse landing beers after the last flight.

Protect from the sun (one reason I prefer a pa28/c172 over a da40). Keep the cabin well ventilated.

Autopilot, even just a wing-leveler on the HDG bug is such an offload.

Sleep good, learn your sleep need.
Tonight’s weather forecast is only an overall trend, don’t bother detail planning until tomorrow. Replanning is so easy nowadays with SD/GP/FF on an iPad, it really does not prevent me sleeping at night like it used to. Vertical slice and visual NOTAMs FTW.

Some of it also comes with experience.

ESMK, Sweden
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