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Trip to Friedrichshafen and more

Airplane: Reims Cessna F172M 1975
Equipment: VFR steam gauges with 8.33 and Mode-S

Leg 1
Eslöv (ESME) to Cuborg (EDQC)
Maximum GS: 129 kt

Class E airspace all the way, easy flying at FL85. Interesting approach RWY 12 with down-sloping runway and a castle. No problem stopping though.

Cuborg is a very nice airport. Sadly I heard that they are going to close it down in 2019 due to funding problems. Fly there while it is open if you can, it is definitely worth a visit.

Logging PIC and Co-pilot time at the same time.

The airport.

Refueling next to a big guy. He was going to start his heli before I was out of there and as soon as I heard his turbines spooling up I started the engine and moved the C172 as far as possible. Not cool…

The view from the tower.

Leg 2
Cuborg (EDQC) to Konstanz (EDTZ)
Maximum GS: 127 kt

Class E airspace all the way, easy flying at FL85. Overhead the field and LH approach RWY 30. The base and final turns were pretty tight but nothing compared to the next airport. Very tall grass in the airport made taxiing a dangerous business. You need a lot of power and to pull the yoke all the way back to not have a prop strike. After shutdown there was no way you could move a C172 manually. Three German gentlemen helped me push it but it wouldn’t move.

Konstanz is a beautiful city. Our hotel was in the other side of the border in Kreuzlingen, Switzerland. We got there with a taxi (about 30 EUR from Konstanz airport). Walking back into Germany to take the ferry to Friedrichshafen is about 15 minutes. There are no border controls for people walking along the coast.

Getting closer.

Finally parked on the grass.

A friend from France arrived in his little airplane.

No way I could fit and fly at the same time.

This would never work in Sweden.

On the Swiss side.

These towers were all over the place.

The ferry to Friedrichshafen. For about 30 EUR you get a ticket to and from the Aero including 1 day ticket for the Aero. It sounds like a good deal.

Breakfast beer (It’s apple juice).

The Zeppelin!

I wanted to take a picture of the airplane but they would not move out of the way! Again, this would never work in Sweden.

Very excited to see electric airplanes finally becoming a thing.

A guy playing piano in the middle of a square in Konstanz. Girls getting excited? Who knows, maybe he is famous?

Leg 3
Konstanz (EDTZ) to Frydlant (LKFR)
Maximum GS: 132 kt

Climbed to FL95 overhead Friedrichshafen on a easterly heading. Ballsy move to have class E overhead such a busy airport, but it worked out nicely. The Austrians gave me clearances before I even asked for them. The Czech gave me clearance direct to destination through the mess. Great ATC service! LH approach to RWY 26. There is a big hill where the downwind ends you basically need to reach the hill and do a power-off landing from there turning 180 degrees back to the field. Surprised to find out the RWY was down-slopping on the ground roll. Rough grass surface but nothing the Cessna cannot handle.

There I met with some family, did some sight-seeing and had some delicious Czech food!

A first one for me and the Cessna. As far as I know this Cessna has never before been anywhere near the Alps.

A historic village tourist attraction. Interesting to see how people lived during the 1700s in the area.

Back at the airport preparing for departure. It was an uphill(!) departure RWY 08. Video will be posted later.

Leg 4
Frydlant (LKFR) to Strausberg (EDAY)
Maximum GS: 118 kt

Easy flying at FL85 back to Germany. Poznan Radar gave me clearance to destination as soon as I called them. Again, amazing ATC service, I didn’t have to worry about any airspaces. LH approach RWY 23, there were some gliders in the air but the approach was smooth.

Strausberg is a well known watering hole for Swedish pilots. Didn’t no nothing much at the airport, refueled, dumped bladder, paid and left.

Random abandoned Polish airfield. I saw a couple of those and they were missing in the charts.

Refueling at Strausberg.

Leg 5
Strausberg (EDAY) to Eslöv (ESME)
Maximum GS: 120 kt

Last leg back to Sweden at FL85. Nothing much to report here, the water crossing went smooth and Sweden Control were helpful giving me descend clearance to destination through Malmö TMA.

Boats sailing into the sunset in the Baltic sea.

Back home all washed and clean!

Total flight time? More than I am willing to pay for =)

Last Edited by Dimme at 23 Apr 12:06

Nice trip report Dimme!

ESMK, Sweden

What a great trip, thank you for sharing! Regarding the cost: you will forget it over the next two years, but the memory of the trip and the experience you gained will remain!


Nice report and pics. Beautiful paint job! When was that done? I can’t believe it’s original.

LSZK, Switzerland

Great trip. This is what planes were made for

When you are on your deathbed, you will not be wishing you spent less money on things you enjoyed

Thanks for making it down to EDNY. It wasn’t quite Astypalea but it wasn’t bad either

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

@chflyer the paint job is less than a year old. Very good job was done by this company They also did new leather interior and engine overhaul.

The monetary value of the trip although expensive was definitely worth it.

Last Edited by Dimme at 23 Apr 21:45

Thanks for a nice report Dimme.
How did you prepare for the water crossing? To me this is quite relevant as I plan to fly to Bornholm EKRN in May and the 50 nm over open water between Rügen and Bornholm are quite intimidating to fly over with my family in the back.

Novice pilot
EDVM Hildesheim, Germany

@MedEwok I’m wearing an inflatable life jacket and have a water proof Yaesu FTA-550 right next to me in case I need to grab it fast and strap it on me before splashdown. It is also important to keep track of the boats and where they are. I always had a boat at gliding distance and the best choice would be to ditch right next to one, provided you cannot glide to land. SkyDemon gives you a nice depiction of your gliding distance, all you have to do is set the gliding ratio in your aircraft settings. Also fly as high as possible over water.

It is also worth to mention that I was alone in the aircraft. I don’t know how realistic it would be to evacuate an aircraft with maximum passengers. Specially if one passes out and another needs to drag him/her out. Or if a kid makes a mistake and inflates the life jacket inside the aircraft.

Last Edited by Dimme at 24 Apr 06:22

Dimme, I liked your idea to track the ships via marinetraffic in the report of your flight to the Aero. That’s a good idea.

EDLN, Germany

@EuroFlyer I simply tracked them visually. See the picture above, there were quite a few.

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