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Aero/Friedrichshafen 2013

Just wonder who else is coming along.

I plan to fly in the TB20, Friday-Sunday, otherwise not at all because the airline options seem a bit messy (from London Gatwick).

Last year we flew to Stuttgart, due to wx at Friedrichshafen looking a bit too bad, but that was a very bad move - a 3hr drive.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Potentially... might get a spam can from EDTY and fly down on Saturday or Sunday... alternatively I might actually drive

I am going to go there for sure, 2 days most likely but not in the airplane as it's expensive and tedious and the train takes me there in 2 hours anyway.

A better alternate for Friedrichshafen EDNY is Memmingen EDJA. Ryan Air services that airport. When flying to Stuttgart EDDS, you can just take the train to Friedrichshafen.

I'm going there on Thursday, hopefully working on the other side of lake Constance.

EGBE - Coventry, United Kingdom

When flying to Stuttgart EDDS, you can just take the train to Friedrichshafen.

Yes; the reason we had a car was that the "available at sensible prices" hotels are too far to walk, so a car is handy anyway.

I once tried to book the nearer (walk-able) hotels and they were c. €300/night.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I'm quite tempted this year, but only if it can be done VFR from the UK on the day (ie. probably not at that time of year)


I take it that - just like last year - IFR arrivals at EDNY by light types will be "discouraged" during the Aero and that the airspace around EDNY will be blocked by IFPS for sub-FL140 routings?

Anyway, I have also stopped flying in there. Their 60 (or 80?) Euro "landing package" (excluding the ticket for the show!) is a joke and out of proportion for a private pilot's pleasure fly-in.

Re the timing: due to work, I would have to come on saturday, but that is now the last day of the show and at that point, the exhibitors are usually completely "fed up" with it...

Mainz (EDFZ), Germany

I once tried to book the nearer (walk-able) hotels and they were c. €300/night.

We fly out of Friedrichshafen from time to time and the crew rate at the airport hotel (Ibis) is less than 100€. The same at the very pretty "Seehotel" next to the train station. During the Aero days you will of course have to book well in advance (now!) if you want a good rate.

I will only go there if a student wants to fly. Since they cancelled the flying display, Aero has lost most of it's appeal for me.

EDDS - Stuttgart

Last year, IFR was actually OK, despite the "ban". One could fly in.

I didn't know about the sub-FL140 ban. I normally file for FL140+ anyway however. What level one actually flies is almost irrelevant to what is filed with Eurocontrol.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Never been but I might think about it if it is a worthwhile trip. So long as I can go IFR and park on the hard.

EGTK Oxford
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