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Lands End EGHC

Has anyone flown there recently and is it worth a visit?

I spoke to someone 3 days ago who goes there. He said plenty of hard surface parking, a very nice airport, and great walks in the vicinity around the cliffs.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I’ve been there recently. Don’t be put off by the website which makes it sound very complicated it actually works very well. Although the amount of staff they have working must cost a fortune.

This airport and EGHE (Scilly) make as much money out of the tourist traffic to the Scilly Isles as Bristol made out of the slave trade

They don’t need GA, and indeed EGHE does absolutely nothing for GA, so anything is a bonus.

EGHC has had millions of grants spent on it and looks really nice from the air. We might pop down there and rent a car. Is there car rental? If someone has been there, it would be really great to have a report on our database.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

This is a bit old but

  • at the time, all SEPs were strictly parked on the grass, opposite the terminal. The tarmac was completely reserved for the commercial aircraft
  • the grass was good however, well drained
  • it was cheap
  • no rental cars whatsoever. We had to take a taxi to Penzance and get one from Enterprise (not possible on Sundays)
  • the area is nice. St. Ives is spectactular, though overcrowded in summer. Posiibly best in September
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Mainz (EDFZ), Germany

I have just used the magical device called a phone

No hard parking.
IAPs not available to GA – apparently this is a CAA stipulation…
Parking £18 below 1.5T, £30 1.5-3T, inc VAT.

The man says the grass is good and well drained.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

There is nothing alive over there on Sundays

Peter wrote:

IAPs not available to GA

I only flew there in Turbulent D31 in gin clear sky, but given the kind of low clouds weather that appears there out of nowhere I don’t think having an IAP restricted to CAT is reasonable, especially as alternates on weekends are limited (Newquay long way back & Scillies no fuel & Culdrose they may go to sleep between Friday and Monday)

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ESSEX, United Kingdom

Peter wrote:

IAPs not available to GA – apparently this is a CAA stipulation…

No approach controller. So part of the Safety case to get the IAP approved must have been restriction to their own CAT so that the schedule is known and so they know for sure there is only one IFR a/c in the vicinity of the approach.

Nympsfield, United Kingdom

We went there today, ATC could not have been more helpful and found us some hard parking, as Peter says £30 landing/parking which is very reasonable, a few rules to stick to but thats expected when they have commercial operations, the last thing anyone wants is holiday makers wandering all over the place
We cycled to Lands End but you could easily walk both ways along the coast

On the way there

Nice beaches for surfers, thats Perranporth airfield top right

Lands End

Finals 07

First and last house in England

Plenty of decent walks around here

A paradise for surfers

Even the local church supports the surfers

Back at the airfield

On way back, over Southampton, airfield top right

The numbers if anyone is interested ?

over Heathrow

All in all, a good day out

Thanks for the report Quatrelle. Sounds great for a fly-in.

BTW I asked about car rental. There isn’t a “shop” there but some rental firm will deliver a car to the airport.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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