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Saturday lunch in Germany 24 October 2015

I’ll tell you tomorrow, but please don’t wait for me if you want to change plans.

No just depends on your plans. Schnitzel also fine at EDMS.

EGTK Oxford

I’m not part of the “core user group” here on EuroGA, so if you guys don’t mind me to join and if the flight is possible to be made VFR from LOLW I’d be happy to meet up in EDMS. I also have to make sure a club plane will be available on that day – keep you posted.

Dominik, happy to see you. I have never met Alexis in real life either – hope it isn’t a disappointment . I wouldn’t worry, you are very welcome.

I will book a table for 1300 local when we have numbers.

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EGTK Oxford

What are the timings of this meet-up?

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I am landing around 1200 local. Departing about 1600 currently. Assumed lunch at 1300.

EGTK Oxford

Hi Jason,

I’ll be there. Either with Roland (does a stretcher fit in the TB20? ;-)) or by Cirrus, or by car. 12:00 LT.

@ Roland: If I have the plane by then I’d like to test the EDMS LPV. But if it’s only ready late Friday I’ll go with you, maybe bring my son. If none of that works, I can always go by car, no big deal.

Just let me know if your plan changes.

Hi Alexis,

(does a stretcher fit in the TB20? ;-))

No problem at all. The TB20 has a cargo option whereby one can quickly remove the backseat to simply enlarge the cargo area.

I recently added an installation to the overhead lining to hang the tubes for the O2-supply into. We could also use this to hang an infusion bottle in case you need one. And my O2-bottle is in the luggage compartment as well so we could easily hook you up. You see, we can cater to your (almost) every need.

I have to draw the line at some point, though. If you need qualified medical attention during the flight (or someone to hold your hand while being on a stretcher in the luggage area of a TB20. I understand how psychologically challenging this must be for a Cirrus-driver) I have to kindly ask you to organise this yourself ;-)

Sorry, just couldn’t stop myself. Will call you Friday evening and hopefully see you Saturday.

Last Edited by RXH at 21 Oct 10:23
EDML - Landshut, Munich / Bavaria

Haha! It’s okay, I think I might even be able to walk to the airplane :-)

We’ll talk or write Friday evening!

Just figuring out what to do on Saturday… The final Schnitzel appointment is 13h00 local at EDMS / Straubing?
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