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GA Airports ideally located

Well, Hamburg Int’l is very good aswell, and they also have Carsharing cars by Car2Go

Alexis wrote:

Well, Hamburg Int’l is very good aswell, and they also have Carsharing cars by Car2Go

In Hamburg, you have the horrible Car2Go , DriveNow but both are at the main terminal, so you need to get there first. But there’s also App2Drive cars at the GAT now, so yes – Hamburg is very convenient for GA travel IMHO. Fees are absolutely reasonable – the only problem I have is the apron parking fees when you stay a bit longer.

Hungriger Wolf (EDHF), Germany

I’ve not heard of App2Drive before. It looks like a really interesting way of organizing ground transportation at German airports.,airfields

app2drive is represented in all of Germany at various airports and airfields. 
An overview of all of them can be found here.

Place	Airport/Airfield	ICAO
Aalen	Flugplatz Aalen-Neresheim	EDPA
Arnstadt	Flugplatz Arnstadt-Alkersleben	EDBA
Augsburg	City Airport Augsburg	EDMA
Bonn	Flugplatz Bonn-Hangelar	EDKB
Borkenberge	Flugplatz Borkenberge	EDLB
Chemnitz	Verkehrslandeplatz Chemnitz / Jahnsdorf	EDCJ
Dahlem	Flugplatz Dahlemer Binz	EDKV
Donaueschingen	Flugplatz Donaueschingen	EDTD
Eisenach	Flugplatz Eisenach	EDGE
Egelsbach	Flugplatz Egelsbach	EDFE
Erfurt	Flughafen Erfurt	EDDE
Freiburg	Flugplatz Freiburg-Breisgau	EDTF
Hamburg	Flugplatz Hamburg	EDDH
Haßfurt	Verkehrslandeplatz – Haßfurt – Schweinfurt	EDQT
Heringsdorf	Flughafen Heringsdorf	EDAH
Hof	Flughafen Hof Plauen	EDQM
Karlsruhe	Baden Airpark	EDSB
Kiel	Flughafen Kiel	EDHK
Köln	Flugplatz Köln/Bonn	EDDK
Leutkirch	Flugplatz Leutkirch	EDNL
Magdeburg	FMB Flugplatz Magdeburg	EDBM
Mannheim	Rhein-Neckar Flugplatz	EDFM
Mosbach	Flugplatz Mosbach	EDGM
Mühlheim	Flugplatz Essen/Mühlheim	EDLE
Münster-Telgte	Verkehrslandeplatz Münster-Telgte	EDLT
Nürnberg	Flughafen Nürnberg	EDDN
Osnabrück	Flugplatz Osnabrück-Atterheide	EDWO
Portoroz	Aerodrom Portoroz	LJPZ
Saarbrücken	Flughafen Saarbrücken	EDDR
Schönhagen	Flugplatz Schönhagen	EDAZ
Siegerland	Siegerland Flughafen GmbH	EDGS
Speyer	Flugplatz Speyer/Ludwigshafen	EDRY
Strausberg	Strausberger Flugplatz	EDAY
Stuttgart	Flughafen Stuttgart	EDDS
Sylt	Flughafen Sylt	EDXW
Tannheim	Tannheimer Flieger- und Freizeitzentrum	EDMT
Walldürn	Flugsportclub Odenwald	EDEW
Wilhelmshaven	Jade Weser Airport	EDWI
Worms	Flugplatz Worms	EDFV
Würzburg	Flugsportclub Würzburg	EDFW

app2drive negotiates with the following airports:

Place	Airport/Airfield	ICAO
Berlin Schönefeld	Flughafen Berlin Schönefeld	EDDB
Bremen	Flughafen Bremen	EDDW
Coburg	Flugplatz Coburg	EDQC
Dortmund	Dortmund Airport	EDLW
Dresden	Flughafen Dresden	EDDC
Eggenfelden	Flugplatz Eggenfelden	EDME
Friedrichshafen	Bodensee-Airport Friedrichshafen	EDNY
Hannover	Flughafen Hannover-Langenhagen	EDDV
Kassel	Flughafen Kassel-Calden	EDVK
Landshut	Flughafen Landshut	EDML
Leipzig	Flughafen Leipzig-Halle	EDDP
Lübeck	Flughafen Lübeck	EDHL
Mönchengladbach	Mönchengladbach Airport	EDLN
Münster	Flughafen Münster-Osnabrück	EDDG
Paderborn	Flughafen Paderborn-Lippstadt	EDLP
Schwäbisch Hall	Adolf Würth Airport	EDTY
Straubing	Flugplatz Straubing-Waldmühle	EDMS
Weeze	Airport Weeze	EDLV

I use drivenow and car2go a lot, like many thousands of people in Munich where each of these companies have almost 1000 cars, and i don’t think it’s horrible. I like it a lot, and it works almost perfectly. A Smart costs € 0.23 per minute, but for a little more money you can rent other Mercedes (A, GLA) models at car2go or Minis and 2 series convertibles at DriveNow. Both companies are highly successful in Germany.

At Munich airport there are hundreds of these cars parked, costs me around € 20 to get home from an airline flight, taxi is 80-90.

I mostly use the Smarts, they are more than enough to get around.

I also have an app2drive card for smaller airports where the other companies have no cars.

Last Edited by at 17 Aug 12:41

A Smart costs € 23 per minute

Really? This sure is a typo? It seems ridiculously expensive.

Novice pilot
EDVM Hildesheim, Germany

0.23, corrected

BTW: Any foreigner can open a car2go or drivenow account. You just have to get your dr. licence validated once.

Last Edited by at 17 Aug 12:40

Alexis wrote:

I use drivenow and car2go a lot, like many thousands of people in Munich where each of these companies have almost 1000 cars, and i don’t think it’s horrible

I might have overreacted a bit there.

Personally, I use DriveNow 95% and Car2Go maybe 5% of the time in Hamburg, Munich, Düsseldorf – but that’s because I just can’t bring up any symphathy for Smart – as useful as they are. I realize there is now Mercedes A Class available as well. I’m just a bigger fan of the BMW and Mini you get to drive with DriveNow.

Hungriger Wolf (EDHF), Germany

I see :-)
Having big and powerful cars in the garage i really like driving the the Smart in the City, to me it’s fun – and you always find a parking spot. (In Munich parking on the street is free for carsharing cars).

My favorite is LFMT (Montpellier). You have access to rental cars on the airport with wide opening times. The beaches are a 10 minutes car/taxi ride away. The city is a little further away but still fairly close. There are a few hotels that have airport shuttles in the commercial area close by. Many things to do all around.

LFMD (Cannes) is fairly well located as well but no car rental. LFMV (Avignon) is 15 minutes away (35€ taxi if I remember correctly) from the city center with plenty of things to do.

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