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Advice on Amsterdam?

I’ve been reading the old threads on Amsterdam and it seems like it may be better all around to fly commercial. I plan to go in October sometime.

Here are the options I see nearby that people talking about:

Schiphol EHAM – would be ideal – any idea what the fees are these days? Handling mandatory?

Lelystad EHLE – sounds expensive… still so? And no IFR for all practical purposes? Looks like NDB only

Hilversum EHHV – grass only and VFR only, not really an option for this trip (and the Mooney)

Rotterdam EHRD – looks like the Aeroclub cannot do handling anymore, so not an option?

Any recent changes to the above or should I fly commercial?

EHLE, Netherlands

Check out the status of the re-building process at Lelystad. The whole airport is going through extensive works this year. There is an extensive description out there (somewhere) and although I assume the dutch guys follow the timetable changes might occur.

Locals says it’s fine to use anyway, which most certainly is right.

ESOW, Sweden

You can forget Lelystad if you want IFR – no IFR traffic possible until late 2018.

EHLE / Lelystad, Netherlands, Netherlands

Flying commercial will be far cheaper and faster – but less fun of course.

Schiphol’s landing and handling fees are around €300. There is no Avgas. They try their best to discourage you. You end up on the East side of the airport and a €30 Uber away from the centre of Amsterdam. Rotterdam is IFR, somewhat cheaper but still €100+ including handling and it will take you about 90 minutes to get to Amsterdam with a taxi and a train. Lelystad is VFR only. There is heavy construction on a runway extension but, provided you read the documentation on their website you wont have any trouble. VFR only so you’ll have to cancel IFR as you are descended under the Schiphol TMA. Fees in the €30 range and probably also 60-90 minutes to Amsterdam using a taxi and a train. Hilversum is three short grass strips, slightly closer to the city but it gets very soggy in the Fall (ie roundabout now).

EHLE, Netherlands

Amsterdam is fun when you land on 18R and have to taxi to the GA apron… 20-30 minutes taxi time. Make sure to prepare your taxi chart…


LFPT Pontoise, LFPB

JayBee wrote:

Schiphol’s landing and handling fees are around €300. There is no Avgas. They try their best to discourage you. You end up on the East side of the airport and a €30 Uber away from the centre of Amsterdam.

They don’t try to discourage you at all. Schiphol handlers at Aviapartner are really great. It is far better to be on the GA side as you almost always get to use the 04/22 runway and avoid the long taxis.

It is a very GA welcoming airport for a major one but it is busy and you must be on your toes.

EGTK Oxford

We use KLM jet center but if you go there, ask a quote to both handlers


LFPT Pontoise, LFPB

I second what JasonC reports.

I have frequent business to conduct in Amsterdam and, thanks to Jason, I had a discussion with the Aviapartner station manager about flying there in my Arrow – mainly for the sheer enjoyment of doing so. He was extremely friendly and was very encouraging. I haven’t got around to it yet, but it’s something I definitely will do it (and will post a report).

EGTT, The London FIR

I’ve been to EHAM two weeks ago. For MTOM 3354kg with 3 POB and 5 days parking it was EUR 383. Used KLM Jet Center.

They did push a bit for speed on approach, “maintain speed 245”, but then as I was on final for 36R they proposed visual for 04, which got me straight into GAT. Depature was also 04, so very short taxi. No discouragement felt at all. Previous time I was there they asked what Mach speed I can maintain on approach. I assume this was a joke.


Schiphol’s landing and handling fees are around €300.

Comparing to what @peter paid few days ago at Samos this looks quite acceptable, especially for one of the busiest airports in Europe.

LDZA LDVA, Croatia
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