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New Server (and donations to EuroGA)

As a year ago, donations have been very good. Mostly €5-20 ones, several €100 ones, and like last year one €1000 one! Thank you all and please keep them coming. They won’t be wasted; I am not running the plane on them

The server hosting cost is not a lot – USD 60/month.

What costs a lot is software mods or fixes; these come to best part of 1k for a day’s work. The site was written in Ruby, expertly so which is why we have had so few problems over the years. Very few people do Ruby these days. Most work is done in PHP, and a vast pile of fancy frameworks which tend to be bug-ridden and which nobody will understand in a few years’ time. However, even if it was written in PHP (which is what the Airports Database was done in, by a guy in Poland) it would still cost roughly the same for someone to dive in and do a careful job. David has been doing these mods since he wrote the site originally so he knows where everything is; I collect up a list and when there is a day’s worth he does them in one go.

I think the donations more or less cover the direct costs of running the server and the mods which have been done.

BTW the donations were not used for the Airports Database; I paid for that myself, and that cost best part of 10k. That is running well and so far has been solid. It gets attacked several times per second but so far without success, and anyway there is nothing personal stored there, and is backed up daily. Of course “nobody” is flying right now…

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Out of curiosity, are donations only accepted in EUR?


You can use any currency you like

The reason the Paypal donate button is in Euros is simply because most EuroGA contributors are in the Eurozone.

A fair number of people don’t use Paypal, hence the above mentioned IBAN payment option. Whatever currency you send gets automatically converted into GBP eventually, so we lose a few % there, so indeed sending GBP is likely to be the most efficient. Paypal runs a Euro account and a GBP account according to the donations currency, but eventually everything has to end up in GBP because that is what is used to pay for stuff.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Done Peter.

LSZH, Switzerland

Also done peter before the dollar goes bankrupt
Another 1.9 trillion dollars
Can’t stand the noise of the printing machines …….

KHQZ, United States

Another year gone.

It is time to do a new appeal for donations

An email has just gone out to everyone who has authorised receiving them in their profile.

There is a Paypal button on every page and there is an IBAN option (PM me) or those who prefer that.

2022 will be EuroGA’s 10th birthday so we should do something special

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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