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What Borescope do you use?

Can anybody recommend a Borescope they have used on a Lycoming engine that can go through a plug hole and view the valves?

Mike Busch recommended something which was very cheap in the U.S. but has anybody bought one in Europe which is any good? A UK source would be ideal and I don’t mind a USB version i.e. using my laptop for a screen. £ 100 to £ 200 is my price range but please only post if you have used one on a Lycoming

It’s something I’d like to start doing on my 50 hour check as I fly over water quite a bit.

United Kingdom

I have an expensive Snap-On one but I hear very good things about small devices that you can buy on Amazon for a tenner that plug into your iPhone.

Forever learning

I have this one.

Works very well and often available even cheaper than the one shown.

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Which is the one Mike Busch recommends?

I am on about my 3rd one now. It was about 200 quid so not the dirt cheapest. All were Chinese although the 2nd one was “Made in Germany” and was bought from there, and all basically crap. One certainly could not use any of them to actually look at anything in a dark place because the built-in illumination washed out the image.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Peter wrote:

Which is the one Mike Busch recommends?

In the May edition of “Cirrus Pilot”, Mike Busch has an article about borescopes and how in his view they have made compression tests obsolete. In that article, he names the “ViVidia Ablescope VA-400” from Oasis Scientific as his “current favorite” (the same that @Mark_1 linked to).

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Many thanks.

That one is on and no shipping available to the UK. You have to buy it on Ebay. That outfit seems to prepay the import duty and VAT:

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I’ve just ordered that one on Ebay from the United States.

When it arrives, I’ll let you all know how I get on!

United Kingdom

Search for “inspection camera” on, and you’ll find lots of USB borescopes that you can plug into a laptop or a tablet. Price: about €10. Some are just cameras on a flex cable, some come with a few attachments. As always with the products from the Celestial Empire, look at the data carefully and cross-check the parameters against each other. I have a 5.5 mm one with a video resolution of 640×480.

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Here is the latest Webinar from Savvy.

A bit slow as usual but very useful information. My Vividia from eBay has now cleared Customs and is on the final leg of it’s journey.

I’ll post some photos when it arrives!

United Kingdom

You can also get it from Aircraft Spruce.

LSZK, Switzerland
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