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Which non-certified aircraft would you buy if there were no restrictions on European flight and parking?

And why would you buy that type?

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Europa XS Trigear with Rotax (of course). No plane comes close to it’s performance in combination with such a robustness and easy handling for so little money. In it’s enclosed trailer I pay no hangarage at all, can do all maintenance at home, where I have all tools at hand. I can rig/de-rig it single hand in little more than 30 minutes. I would choose the proven Rotax, since I don’t like experiments and the Europa was designed “around” that engine, it is happy with MOGAS (from the car-station on my way home) and consumes <20 l/h of that and almost no oil. Two seats with ample space for luggage is also sufficient for the large majority of my flights and I can rent a four-seater if need be. The range of >300 NM / 3 h is sufficient for me. As often discussed here, the restrictions aren’t that bad even today.

Forgot to mention the most important point for the Europa: It’s FUN to fly

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I’d try to buy this from a friend of mine

Not as good as a turboprop / jet but almost as fast, high ceiling (he has gone to FL245), built in o2, all you can imagine. It’s the 6th plane he built, and crossed the atlantic 3x (2x with a previous lancair, and once with this one).

Is that a Legacy, with the IO550 (TIO550?) engine?

I would buy the Evolution

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Peter wrote:

Is that a Legacy, with the IO550

Yes, (no turbo).
Unfortunately, no pocket yet for the Turbine!

250 KTAS – wow!!! Very cool


europaxs wrote:

250 KTAS – wow!!! Very cool

I think it does faster than that actually, I just couldn’t find pictures. Also very long range (as I remember, >1000nm) so almost ideal machine to travel in europe. Alone it apparently climbs at ~3k ft/min at sea level, but I haven’t verified that.

For a variety of reasons, haven’t flown in it, but taxied it a couple of times (owner is away). Applied some full power on empty runway (with no intention of take off) and that thing is fast.

I’d have an Aus…oh wait, I already have one :-)

Andreas IOM

Another vote for the tri-gear Europa.

EDDS - Stuttgart

Can’t resist.
+1 for Europa XS (in my case a Mono).
Beautiful, spacious, fast, fun to fly GA aircraft (== for PPL holders) with ultralight running cost.

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