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Diamond DA50

S57 wrote:

Would it? Surely such a plane would be over 2,000kg and therefore few would buy one due to enroute charges. Once you go there then a SET makes more sense.

And again, depends on how you measure. If it is gbp(total cost)/nm/pax, then twin diesel might be better. Plus it is a twin – second engine.


Flyingfish wrote:

They could have DOUBLED their sales of the DA40-180 if they would have listened to what has bean beaten to death on the Diamond Aviators Network

Maybe they aren’t interested in doubling their sales ? Diamond is there, creating brand new designs all the time. No one else is.


@airways – Sorry: i meant DAI, not Continental as the unproven engine company – with reference to the Thielert debacle and the false starts with SMA, Steyr Puch (boat engine?) and Motor Sich (turbine)
The CD300 is basically a new aero engine … expect some teething issues – and look at the past to find out how much the owner can exoect DAI to stand by them

LSGG, LFEY, Switzerland

Just spotted one of their test mules on flight radar and for once it seems to be a regular cruise flight rather than some flight test regimen – Leipzig to Vienna – 163knots at 12k
not going to set the world on fire with that performance but the fuel burn would be interesting to know -

Promo video by Diamond.

Still touting 50 gallons fuel capacity. This is despite a useful load which would allow more fuel. I am rather sure sure though that they will come up with more fuel at a later stage.

13.6 meters of wingspan will mean it will not fit in many hangars.

Still shaking my head how this aircraft turned out so heavy. It is shows in the rather poor takeoff performance. Despite a good stall speed (57 knots), 300 hp is just marginal for a 1999 kg plane. All Diamond aircraft have been underpowered, and they continue this tradition.

What they are slowly improving on though (finally!) is interiors. It looks adequate.

And even the exterior shapes are becoming more pleasant. Better than the 62 and of course so much better than the 42.

Any competition for Cirrus is good (after the Cessna 400 is no more, Mooney is no more and Beech Bonanza is not being innovated any more either).

Last Edited by boscomantico at 31 Aug 18:53
Mainz (EDFZ), Germany

I like Diamond (Austria represent). But, this video is „obviously“ (pun intended) a bit uncoordinated and apart from a shiny new plane doesn’t show any compelling arguments to sell it.

Ok, payload and low fuel consumption as well as jet-a availability. Anything else?

I guess at the expected price point the 50 will only cannibalize DA42 sales, but not Cirrus (chute!).

A WX Radar on top of the garmin datalink stuff (which has limited coverage in some parts of europe) would‘ve been nice.

Interior is improving but not even a leather wrapped stick (like paying 200k for a car and getting a bland 1980‘s plastic steering wheel).

Last Edited by Snoopy at 31 Aug 20:19
Freelance IRI / CB-IR Instructor
LOWG | Worldwide

Does anybody know how many tjey have sold yet (I mean to real customers)?

And how much does one cost, equipped, delivered and VAT paid?

Mainz (EDFZ), Germany

Loooked at the video above and 2 comments when added together(2m47 and 9m17 – 181 TAS is MCP 270 hp – 13-14 GPH), so if you are tooling along in a hurry you won’t have to wait long for a toilet break. – 540nm would be the range at MCP with reserves – of course comparing this to a mooney it does not look very efficient if you know what you are doing LOP, the diamond is of course is several order of magnitudes more comfortable, luxurious and spacious but the performance is not there.

Merc S class versus a Porsche basically – in an S class you are announcing to the world that you have made it and have no need to hurry anywhere – a Porche – you are still hustling.

It would be really astounding if the cited 181 KTAS required 90 percent power, i.e. 270hp. Also, it doesn’t say it which altitude.
Anyway, that would mean the airframe is a flying brick, which it clearly isn’t. Let’s wait and see the first real life field pireps.

Mainz (EDFZ), Germany

Video: Chief Pilots just have to wear sunglasses. It’s so much cooler ;)

I agree to what’s been said. No BRS, too heavy, therefore underpowered, nicer looking than other Diamonds, and the same range as many other older planes.

Safe landings !
EDLN, Germany
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