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Diamond DA50

little known fact Chief pilots come out of the womb with the sunglasses attached

He says that consumption is 13 to 14 usg per hour at normal cruise, we are not so far that the 17 of the SR22, with a slower speed.

LFMD, France

13-14 of Jet A though – the presenter makes the point that this provides you a great deal more flexibility -escpecially compared to a Sr22 in EU, I know fuel costs are near enough irrelevent for somebody buying a plane for 3/4 million euro or whatever the price will be but comparing a cirrus sr22 versus this the future risk is a lot less with the diamond.

*one of the recommendations of the recent citizens committe on the enviroment in France (which Macron has committed to support) is a further 40c/litre tax on avgas as – direct quote “leisure or hobby aviation is wasteful and provides no social value”

looking at the specs for the da 42 its easy to see they used the same wing and that a aux tank would be easy to add – but that would mean they still need to remove empty weight to get under 1999kg
Fuel capacity total 76.4 US gal / 512 lbs
main tank 50.0 US gal / 335 lbs
auxiliary tank 26.4 US gal / 177 lbs

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That taxe is completely out of sight of environmental progress viewing the difference of overall consumption of avgas wrt the jet consumption, but you make a point for this plane.
But I would say that it’s still under the SR22 performance. with the figures we have (maker’s ones), 50usg tank at 13usg/h makes a 3’50" until dry for the DA50, whereas the SR22 has 84usg for 17,8 usg/h consumption, which makes a 4’40" until dry, and with the gain in speed, the real autonomy is still greater, and not by a few miles.

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LFMD, France

The DA50 ist now EASA certified. This article by a German shoe licking magazine mentions 181 KTAS at FL160, which sounds like it’s a reduced, long-range power setting. In fact, the correponding fuel flow given is 34 litres only. With that low setting, and whilst of course using oxygen, they say you get 750NM (probably until tanks dry).

Interestingly though, they call that “max power setting”. That would mean that either the engine runs out of steam at a much lower altitude, or, that the aircraft will only do 170ish max at FL100…

Last Edited by boscomantico at 10 Sep 12:18
Mainz (EDFZ), Germany

The engine is 300 hp TOP and only 270 hp is MCP (Max Continuous Power), is the claimed 181TAS at FL160 at TOP or MCP??

Last Edited by Ibra at 10 Sep 13:06
ESSEX, United Kingdom

As all the other turbodiesels Diamond uses, the CD-300 has a rather low critical altitude compared to a turbo charged AVGAS burner.

It appears it will get around 75% / 220HP at FL160, so ‘max power’ is plausible.

Last Edited by Cobalt at 10 Sep 15:19
Biggin Hill

OK, makes sense. Means that at a more realistic FL100, it will likely still be able to maintain (near) MCP and thus do similar speeds as in FL160, albeit at a higher fuel flow.

In other words: the numbers from FL160 have been used to be able to show „good“ airspeeds, but still be able to produce an acceptable range #, despite the small tanks.

Last Edited by boscomantico at 10 Sep 15:50
Mainz (EDFZ), Germany
Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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