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Cirrus Safe Return / Garmin emergency autoland

Impressive development – worth watching the video at this link

Will be interesting to see how the first “real” deployment plays out.


Is this for real????

Garmin Emergency Autoland

The description almost sounds like an April fool’s joke …

LSZK, Switzerland

I expect the certification/approval for that to be highly aircraft specific?

ESSEX, United Kingdom

This one is causing quite a stir

It has existed on the US Experimental scene for some years. We had a thread on it years ago but I can’t find it now.

Well, there was the Xavion app.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Ibra wrote:

I expect the certification/approval for that to be highly aircraft specific?

That’s basically what the AVweb article says.

ESKC (Uppsala/Sundbro), Sweden

Skip reading that quickly, also how does it work in practice, will they have live flight testing for every make/model?
I am not sure how this is already for auto-pilots (installation/manual supplements or also live testing)

ESSEX, United Kingdom

Xavion has proven that concept and may well be the reason I’ll finally buy an Ipad.

Frankly, this has been overdue and possible for a while I reckon, but it is certainly a nice addition for the single pilot planes it is intended for. Yea, I would expect full certification for each airframe will be necessary. As it is for the Garmin 3000 series only for now, I understand the Vision Jet and the M600 being the target initially.

LSZH, Switzerland

A similar is used in unmanned military uav’s many times each day, including the 4700kg reaper with 900hp turboprop engine

EHRD, Netherlands

Impressive. This will sell well, I’m sure.

EASA CB IR Training
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