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Extra 400

Hi Flyingfish..

Thank you for your posts and videos about the Extra 400.. I would like your input on how to upgrade “my” Extra 400. We want to upgrade our avionics and it seems you have done all thoughts before you installed yours and perhaps gotten wiser, now that you have flown a lot with it?

Maybe we can schedule a call about it?


EKRK, Denmark

Obviously a SEP(land) difference training for pressurization is required (as well as RG, VP and turbo) to pilot the Extra 400. No HPA training is required according to the EASA type rating and licence endorsement list but there is an applicable “OEB report”: OE GM (OEB report EA400/EA400-500

Does it mean that a type specific class rating is required, and does anyone know that specific report?

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EKRK, Denmark

Storcken wrote:

Maybe we can schedule a call about it?

Did you see my Email Soren?

huv wrote:

Does it mean that a type specific class rating is required, and does anyone know that specific report?

The EASA requirement for the type rating was withdrawn in December, 2015.
I fly it under FAA rules so no HPA and never heard about this OEB report, sorry.
Earlier in this thread I have expressed my opinion about the pilot’s credentials.
This is an easy (and very pleasant ) plane to fly when all is well and some people (airplane sellers) tend to present it as an easy airplane.
It is not. This is a high wing loading, very complex turbocharged and pressurized aircraft.
Due to the low production numbers much more of a prototype than other GA aircraft.
Lose the engine with gear down or experience a major failure in hard IMC and it suddenly becomes a handful.
Based upon my experience upgrading straight from a DA40 I would also recommend that pilots should acquire some experience in a turbocharged 300 HP-class aircraft as an intermediate step.

Also, my experience is that the pilot is always in charge of determining if this or that minor failure is an AOG motive, and of directing maintenance.
Don’t buy an Extra 400 if you are expecting it to just work, and not capable and interested in this task.

LSGG, LFEY, Switzerland

Thank you @flyingfish
Are you sure about the (former) EASA requirement for a type rating? The 2014 list does list that specific type, but no special requirements or notes.
OEB = Operational Evaluation Board Flight Crew reports should be “available”, according to the updated 2019 list, but my search has not been successful.
Has anybody here ever seen this, or any other, OEB report?

Regarding the pilot’s/owner’s notes, it seems @flyingfish’s notes are very much in line with what everybody says in this thread and on

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EKRK, Denmark

In the absence of an operational evaluation at the entry into service of the EA400 /
EA400-500, a type-rating requirement was established by the JAA. With the outcome
of the OSD-FCD aircraft evaluation from 07-10 Dec 2015 all the EA400 / EA400-500
are thereafter subject to a Class Rating (prior this date it was a Type Rating) , as
follows: Model EA400 as class rating with the license endorsement "SEP (land)”

From: local copy

LSGG, LFEY, Switzerland

Hello EA 400 drivers.

I am going to do the pre-buy for my 400 next Tuesday. I will provide updates as I progress with the refurbishment and upgrade projects. I have built several experimental aircraft, and am well equipped to deal with the orphan airframe and engine. I will be doing and interior and paint quickly as both are beyond serviceable. I hope to install a Garmin G3X panel shortly. Following Antoine, I will be diligent with sealing the cooling and exhaust systems. I have a long term desire to install a turboprop on this airframe.

I intend to do some performance testing with the standard prop, and will probably purchase the “b” prop, based upon the reported performance enhancement. I will track the performance comparison.

Does anyone have a Weight and Balance spreadsheet available?


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EA-400 Extreme Makeover
KCRG, KSMQ, United States

I saw an Extra 400 in a service shop recently.

The engine was interesting, to say the least. Individual cylinders but water-cooled

Apparently, to change the oil filter you need to remove the vacuum pump(s)

One curious thing was that the vac pumps are air cooled, with shrouds and pipes feeding air in.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Hi Peter! Nice pix thank you. The engine is really a TSIO with the inlet air at the bottom and liquid cooled cylinders.
Everything else is standard Continental.

It is possible to remove the oil filter without removing the vacuum pumps, although I may have heard my mechanic rehearsing some poetry while doing so!

Indeed the two vacuum pumps are air cooled. The setup is pretty crazy but it works. The two pumps connect to two manifolds with check valves which provide a fault tolerant setup for de-icing. If one pump fails it is automatically isolated and the second one is enough to pick up the full workload of inflating and deflating the boots.

The two alternator RF filters (marked 1 and 2) on the front of the engine are known for starting a fire on a hot day. Not good company.

I have posted a new “fun” video! fasten seat belts before clicking!

Last Edited by Flyingfish at 05 Feb 11:36
LSGG, LFEY, Switzerland

341kt… AWESOME

I think I have managed something like 220kt doing that.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Nice video, impressive groundspeed. I like the autopilot panel at the top of the glareshield. Is the copilot display a tablet?

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