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Must resist yet another project... The pictorial!

Ha, @Neil

You’re not wrong. One fails on a MU-2 at rotation and it’s not a easy day at the office. The TC is a lot better here. In fact, at SimCom I had my old piston “think” with me, which means clean her up as soon as possible to get any kind of climb out of it. Well, that’s when you make mistakes and shut down the wrong one or feather the wrong engine… It was a good lesson to just do nothing but climb until 1000ft, then identify and feather the right engine calmly.

Thanks for the great post AdamFrisch.
Real delight to read and follow along in pictures to share your subtle jibes. :)

what_next wrote:

Not entirely untrue. One can easily tow it onto a ferry.

haha classic!

Forgot about this thread.

Actually, it’s a little bit sad, because this plane doesn’t deserve to die or become a ramp mummy. It has a good paint job, clean interior and no visible corrosion. But as it sits today, there are big hurdles. And as time eats away at these things, my bet is it will probably just sit there for years until it’s even less desirable, with predictable results. My guess is she will not fly again. And the sellers won’t accept a price that would make her fly again.

The age old problem.

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Well Adam, if you want a Rockwell which will keep you busy until well after retirement and flying it is not a precondition, then maybe this one might be of interest.

Nice Sabreliner, just misses a few tidbits like the engines and has not had maintenance in 18 years. But she could be a beauty and is a real bargain….

LSZH, Switzerland

Sabreliners are actually certified for mild aerobatics (Utility Category). Must be one of the very few business jets that are, if not the only one. Commander legend Bob Hoover does his last ever roll in one in this clip:

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I’ve engines available for an MU2. In case anyone wants to go for that RA reg one….

Buying, Selling, Flying
EIBR, Ireland

What model engines, @WilliamF ?

I don´t think that this RA-0*** reg is a fully legal registration. That must be some sort of PtF for national flights only. I do not believe that aircraft was legally flown abroad. Getting any aircraft into an Russian registration is even in 2017 likely to be a nightmare and requires substantial bribing so owners go for an easier way like some sort of PtF for domestic use. In case someone would like to export that aircraft he´d have to get a CoA of Export of course and a dereg from that Russian register – good luck with that. “Normal” reg numbers in Russia seem to be RF * or RA 12345, no zero in first place after RA . Vic

Why do you think the Reg is fake? Planty of RA-0**** regs around.

Here’s a Piaggio Avanti for example

ESSB, Stockholm Bromma
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