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Must resist yet another project... The pictorial!


I have done both. Sim training is extremely useful and good. But so is individual training in the very aircraft you fly (not just same model and make). But this is not my point, my point is, training in awkward and costly locations, at inflexible times, with niche providers, will probably dampen the appetite for that particular model. Not arguing that training is bad.

BTW, Phenom 300 initial is 3 weeks long, not 2 weeks. That’s a long time anyway you slice it.

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AdamFrisch wrote:

Phenom 300 initial is 3 weeks long, not 2 weeks. That’s a long time anyway you slice it.

If I owned Phenom 300 for my pleasure flying, I would easily dedicate 3 weeks for initial training and 1 week every year to stay current

LDZA LDVA, Croatia

Emir wrote:

If I owned Phenom 300 for my pleasure flying

How would you get to LDLO then?

achimha wrote:

How would you get to LDLO then?

I rely on their promise to extend the runway

LDZA LDVA, Croatia

vic wrote:

But my specific topic was the zero behind the RA – 0*** that I see as some sort of mainly domestic or in a way experimental , prototype, or PtF register. These RA-0*** you can see on lots of small private aircraft but also on e.g. Mi 26 helicopters. The whole registration process in Russia is a big mess and of course I cannot know the present situation in detail and never knew. It just looks like this RA-0*** might be the minimal pain to get an aircraft legally into the air – if at all. Some of these RA-0*** got a G behind the numbers, some RA-12345 got a G too, for many years the Pilot club FLA orgainsed private aircraft with RA-0***K on “their” register but that was blown up some time ago as illegal.

No, the leading zero is certainly not experimental/PtF/whatever. The three classes of registration in Russia are civil aviation (RA-00000…99999), state aviation (RF-00000…99999) and general aviation (RA-0000A…9999Z, but only the xxxxG block is currently allocated, and most of these have the leading zero just because the numbers are allocated sequentially). In the first two classes, the leading zero means nothing in particular; MI-26 are indeed in the 06*** block, there are also plenty of AN-2 with the leading zero. And the Russian concept of experimental aviation is quite different from what most of the world implies by it. The official term is “aircraft of unique design”, and these also include modifications of certified airframes that invalidate the original certification. For example, you can put a Mazda engine into a Cessna 172 airframe and register it as a “unique design”. A certified aircraft overhauled in an unapproved way can also be registered as a unique design. In fact, these bastards form a major part of Russian GA just because it’s the cheapest way to get off the ground. What’s still more interesting, these aircraft are not necessarily relegated to non-commercial use only; instead of a blanket prohibition, their commercial use is “authorised on an case-by-case basis”. Sure enough, the ones getting this authorisation are usually just the pre-production aircraft of the newly designed types pending certification, but I’ve seen exceptions. Accordingly, these aircraft may be registered in any of the above three classes, not only in general aviation.

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LKBU (near Prague), Czech Republic
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