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DA42 weather radar retrofit


A couple of pictures of a GWX68 retrofit on a DA42.
It can only be done at Diamond, takes three weeks and adds roughly 5.5kg.
Now starting to learn to use it and interpret the image.
The Diamond maintenance team was very professionnal and pleasant to work with.
The result is a nose 100% similar to a DA42 VI with the radar buit in from the start.



Last Edited by Salim at 15 Dec 16:39

Great upgrade, I didn‘t knew that such an upgrade is possible at the DA42.

EDDS , Germany

Great to hear DAI offers this upgrade!

EASA CB IR Training

I read somewhere that you can upgrade Twin Star into NG but not NG→VI.
Upgrade into NG adds some avionics and options plus makes the a/c more aerodynamic.


Great, top notch one Salim, did you had any weather data-links before radar upgrade (e.g. Golze ADL120)? how the two compare?

Last Edited by Ibra at 15 Dec 22:39
ESSEX, United Kingdom

arj1 wrote:

I read somewhere that you can upgrade Twin Star into NG but not NG→VI.

You can even upgrade TDI to -VI. But there’s whole can of worms of HW/SW differences, compatibility issues and who knows what else. But if you’re ready to invest €400k (plus VAT), you’ll get this upgrade. Andi this was the price before NXi came out. Upgrade to NXi phase 2 probably costs a bit more.

LDZA LDVA, Croatia

Don’t know if the NG is a real bargain. More power and LPV apparoches, but my Ato has a brand new NG and it is spending some time in hangar. Fadec and gasket issues (in flight of courses) have grounded her in the last 4 months, and warrantee slows it down even more.

Last Edited by greg_mp at 16 Dec 08:18
LFMD, France

@Ibra, yes I’ve been using the ADL140 for a while.

Limited experience with the radar to date, only the ferry back from Wiener Neustadt.

Obviously the adl provides incredible capabilities improvement for the price.

The radar adds additional capabilities but at a significant cost.

It requires some experience to interpret the image and adjust the tilt.

Also, when flying at low altitude as I was Saturday (because of the 60kt headwind) the radar range is limited.

However it did display very precisely the precipitation zones and allowed to avoid them and smoothen the ride.

In these conditions, the adl precision suffered because of the very strong wind (the clouds did have the time to move significant distance since the last refresh)



Nice, looks ready for xmas now (winter ), yes that looks very useful for tactical weather, especially when things move faster than the leg you are flying !

ESSEX, United Kingdom

Has anybody here flown with one of the latest generation large bizjet radars? I have experimented quite a bit with the typical GA radars on the PA46 and Citations etc. seem to be not much different but from time to time I read articles claiming those things can detect wind sheer, run in constant 3D/volume scan mode, filter ground clutter automatically, detect lightning and can even detect other non transponding flying targets. To me it sounds more like military kit…
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