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What is the Remotest Place That You've Flown to?

Out for a swim in a river in a gorge in the middle of a European country..

When we were on the ground I must say that just before shutting down it crossed my mind that if the engine would not start again we’d have a bit of an issue.
Well, I guess we would just have to let ourselves be carried downstream and hope we would get to a town before we would get to a waterfall.
Later I saw that there was a path going up, so at least we could hike to be ‘higher up in the middle of nowhere’ with hopefully mobile coverage.

Luckily our trusted Lyco did not let us down and brought us up again.

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Private field, Mallorca, Spain

Does Spain allow you to land on any suitable field?

I would love to do a helicopter license but every time I looked at it, I concluded that it would be completely useless here. Germany requires helicopters to land at airfields/heliports or get a special permission. Utility value = zero.

Who said this was Spain?
Yes, I heard these stories about Germany. Same thing in Holland and the UK I think.
In Spain, other than using any official airfield/heliport you can land at a field with permission of the owner, max 3 times a month
So you could actually have one in your back garden and take the neighbours for a spin every now and again just to prevent them to start counting.
Officially there are more permits needed but well, ahem, that is not really reinforced here..
So it is not recommended you just land land anywhere, but then, your passenger may suddenly be very sick and you urgently need to get down.

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Private field, Mallorca, Spain

OK, when I’m old, fat and ugly I’ll retire in Spain (like so many Germans and Brits that match these criteria) and finally get a helicopter license.

There is a theoretical chance to get a private heliport approved in Germany but you have to convince the municipality and the Bundesland that it is of economic value. It is generally not approved for pleasure. Landing outside an officially approved heliport requires an expensive and hard to get one time permit, otherwise is considered to be an off airport landing which is a criminal offence.

In my estimation, more than 90% of helicopters in Germany serve some official purpose like police, ambulance, military, etc.

Short final to Vagar EKVG for the eclipse earlier this year:

And on the climbout just before totality:


One place that I found to be rather remote was 9A4 in Courtland, Alabama. Mainly for two reasons: Never in my life I would have expected to visit Alabama. This place was completely dead – Huge hangars all over the place and this fire truck, but in the end no sign of life anywhere. My impression: two big runways with a gas station and a porta potty.

Enroute Kebnekaise (near Kiruna/Sweden), many miles between the villages in northern Sweden.

I always find those strips cut out for pylons and so in rather jarring in Scandinavia – like a scar across the landscape

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London area

How about Chinguetti in the middle of the Sahara in Mauritania.

Nothing around for hours and hours of flying time (thanks to the extra ferry tanks). I think we flew at least for 6-7 hours before hitting something again. And … no radar environment and no radio contact. Total silence :-)

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EDLE, Netherlands

A little outpost of civilization (and an airstrip) shown in the photo below. As long as your defintion of civilization doesn’t include running water :-) A little further down the road is the airstrip. PPR wouldn’t work unless you had a ham radio. I wasn’t PIC on this flight but have been there many other times on the road. It was really remote before they built the paved road from the U.S. in the early 70s, shortening a three or four day drive to just one. Hence the runway – the Rancho was a significant post on the Baja 1000 off road race.és_Airstrip

Here are a bunch of others in the same area.

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