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GPS approaches -> Checkout?

Someone told me that, in order to fly GPS approaches, you need to be checked out first.
Is this correct?

As far as I know currently it is not an EASA requirement but some countries (e.g. Switzerland) require it. It will become mandatory in a couple of years. Maybe others have more exact information.

LSZH, LSZF, Switzerland

When I did my IR, RNAV approaches were part of the syllabus. I don’t think there could be any additional checkout requirement.

Someone told me that, in order to fly GPS approaches, you need to be checked out first.
Is this correct?

Germany has a very old, very obscure rule to that effect, but everybody ignores it.

The Swiss totally went over the top (as usual) and mandated very specific training even for the most basic GPS approaches, even for private pilots.

I am a bit worried about what EASA will work out there. Let’s just hope it willl have sensible grandfatheting rules for those who already have such approaches in their logbook.

That said, for someone who hasn’t done any GPS approaches in their IR training (most people who got the rating befor eroughly 2005 (give or take a few years), some training does make sense. There is an awful lot of confusion (and ignorance) re GPS appraoches out there, as shown also by some recent threads here.

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Mainz (EDFZ), Germany

That was what was being said yesterday at the GA Workshop at Lelystad by somebody from the Dutch CAA

EHLE / Lelystad, Netherlands, Netherlands

if you have AOC, you need to have approval/checkout etc. But a private flying, there is no such requirement – usually. But make sure donĀ“t ask at your CAA -) as far as I remember there was a recommendation by CAA UK only, not sure about the rest.


It’s currently not that bad in Switzerland Bosco. You need to read some basic theory, make 2 approaches in tha airplane or sim with an IFI and get him/her sign your logbook. No official check needed. I don’t know how it works for foregn license holders though.

LSZH, LSZF, Switzerland

You cleverly don’t mention that it strictly has to be done at an ATO, which makes it a hassle, and a beast, potentially…

Mainz (EDFZ), Germany

Going to an ATO for anything is bad news.

I am sure there was no intention to mislead. These regs vary. I recall reading that this was coming and nobody should be surprised. The Q will be whether a freelance IRI will be able to sign it.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

EASA Opinion 2015/03

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