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Friedrichshafen EDNY avgas price

A couple of UK pilots I met there said they stopped enroute in France to get cheaper avgas. Apparently the price at EDNY was very high – nearly €3/litre.

I paid with my AIR BP card (doesn’t get used much these days – most airports don’t take it) because sometimes that will get you around a local scam pricing policy, because the pricing is done centrally.

The bill has just arrived and it is GBP 1.87 including 19% VAT, per litre (134 litres purchased).

That is not out of line at all.

What did others pay, not using AIR BP?

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

It’s OT but I paid €2/litre for Jet A1 and although Achim explained that was average price in Germany, I find this way to expensive, comparing that with Croatia (€1/litre) which is usually one of the countries with highest taxes in EU.

LDZA LDVA, Croatia

I find this way to expensive, comparing that with Croatia (€1/litre) which is usually one of the countries with highest taxes in EU.

The way the calculation works in Germany is:

fuel price ex refinery

+ mineral oil tax (0.721€/l for Avgas, 0.6545 €/l for car gasoline and Jet A-1)
+ 19% VAT

If Avgas sells for 1€/l including transport, the fuel station would pay (1 + 0.721)*1.19 = 2,0479€/l. A surcharge of 0.30€/l is reasonable which explains Avgas prices. If it retails for 2,35 €, then 46.6% of the end price are taxes.

Whether this is “too high” is a philosophical question. Consider how well Germany cares for its infrastructure and people… gotta come from somewhere!

PS: If the aircraft is operated in an AOC, both mineral oil tax and VAT do not apply, for Jet-A1 and 100LL.

Last Edited by achimha at 27 Apr 07:12

I paid €2.57/litre without AirBP card. Having been several times before this is the first time the price has been reasonable, in previous years it has been steep.

We have just applied for an AirBP card, so I had a chat with them on the stand at F’Hafen. They stated that for any particular site e.g. EDNY the price with and without the card is no different, the card is purely a convenience factor.

Oxford and Bidford

To compare prices in Croatia and Germany makes no sense. For an average Croatian income (around € 800/month when i last checked) the € 1 is more than € 2 for a typical german income (€ 2800).

Well … price of Jet A1 (or 100 LL) doesn’t have much with average income.

In Croatia the calculation for Jet A1 is:
- basic price (fuel delivered to airport) €0,47
- mineral oil tax €0,34
- VAT 25%
- Total: 1€

If operated on AOC mineral oil tax and VAT don’t apply same as in Germany.

Last Edited by Emir at 27 Apr 14:39
LDZA LDVA, Croatia

See, the tax is twice as high in Germany! Of course we all think that fuel prices are too high, but i think that it does make sense to compare prices and income.

We payed about SEK 22/litre for 100LL in EDNY with a BP card. At the current exchange rate that would be about €2.35/litre

ESKC (Uppsala/Sundbro), Sweden

1€ in GA is same in Croatia, Germany, UK or wherever in Europe (maybe worldwide). It simply isn’t same category as consumer prices and it doesn’t make sense to compare aviation prices with income. If we talk about automotive fuel then that’s different story.

LDZA LDVA, Croatia

Whilst we’re at it: The price of Avgas in Croatia (2,30€) has now reached (and also overtaken) the price of Avgas in many places in Germany!

What used to be a refueliing paradise some years ago has now become luxury!

Mainz (EDFZ), Germany
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